Sacred Chinar Garden at Narayanbagh Dab in a great threat

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By Fast Kashmir on 15/09/2017.

Sacred Chinar Garden at Narayanbagh Dab in a great threat
 Syed Karar Hashmi
The gigantic Chinar tree is considered very sacred because it is associated with Goddess Bhawani.
In Jammu and Kashmir, its growth range is between 50 and 200 metres rpt 50 and 200 metres. They have been an important part of Kashmiri tradition,  that is the fact , a Chinar tree is found in almost every village in Kashmir.
The famous Chinar garden at Naranbagh-Dab in Ganderbal is historical. The landscape near the garden at Narayanbagh in past was a sight of serene. The garden used to be a favourite Tourist destination in the past. It is situated on the banks of river Jhelum and houses 215 Chinar Trees. In the middle of the garden there is the famous  Temple attended by thousands of devotees from different states of India . On the other side of the Chinar garden there is a famous Shrine of Syed Danyal Kazmi, decedent of Mir Shamsuddin Araqi .
The Government of Jammu and Kashmir and the district administration has completely failed to protect this garden so for. The garden has become the dwelling place of local people. The people of the locality have done a lot of destruction to the rich cultural heritage and have illegally occupied a large quantity of land of this garden.
I have registered a complaint in the Grievienc  Cell of Honorable Chief Minister Omar Abdullah titled ‘ ‘Awam Ki Aawaz ‘couple of years before but nothing happened on the ground. The Chinar Trees in Narayanbagh and Dab Chowk are in a great threat.
The said Garden and other Chinar trees falling in the area need to be protected and preserved.  The district administration should take a note on it and must engulf the said Chinar Garden with a strong fencing,  so that Sacred trees Will be saved from destruction by the hands of killers.
Syed Karar Hashmi
Social and RTI Activist from Central Kashmir Ganderbal District,  Studying at Qom Iran.