Will file RTI Act to know on ground utilization of Muharram Funds at Dab Ganderbal

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By Fast Kashmir on 16/09/2017.

Will file RTI Act to know on ground utilization of Muharram Funds at Dab Ganderbal

Syed Karar Hashmi 

Srinagar, Sep 16: Every Year the  arrangements during the ospaciois month of Muharram Ul Haram by District administration and police are worth appreciating and highly satisfactory.  This year as usual Muharram meeting has been conveyed at Mini Secretariat by the Concerned Deputy Commissioner Shri Piyush Singla and other high officials of other departments to make sure that the arrangements pertaining to their departments are put in place well before Muharram ul Haram. The people have never complained about the lack of facilities but from couple of years people feel and complained that the funds meant for Muharram are mismanaged at ground level by the hands of few So called Local heads.

The doing of good and forbidding of evil is one of the most important principles of faith and ensures the healthy progress of a society.The Muharram shows us to strive against all imperial powers irrespective of Numerical strength taken into consideration.Every year during the first ten days of the month of Muharram, by his followers. Public gatherings are held, speeches are made in which the story of Karbala is retold in touching tones and prayers are made to the effect that may the almighty Allah grant the same courage and strength to his followers in their hour of trial as he did to Imam Husayn. At the end of these gatherings, the audience stand up and pay homage to Husayn(a.s) and his companions. Imam Husayn( a.s) had shown by his acts as well as his various discourses during the seven days of Muharram at Karbala, that this conflict was much more universal in nature, and that he knew that he was going to live for ever through his martyrdom.

Every year the District Administration during the pious days of Muharram Ul Haram  provided Uninterrupted Water Supply,  Sanitation,  Cleanliness around Imambargahs and Mosques,  foolproof Security Arrangement,  Healthcare Facility,  Ration and fuel,  availability of essential commodities,  arrangements of Street lights , Hassle free transport and many more.  People always thank the government mechenary for all these well placed and selfless arrangements.

From couple of years few influential individuals are creating alienation of public from the system due to nexus with some officials for self interests.  The officials deputed in Dab should work in ease without going to the home of few individuals having miser and self interests. People alleage that the officials should discuss or meet with the public and other stake holders in public places but sorry to find the officials in the houses of few so called local heads. 

 This year educated and enlightened youth of the concerned area have decided to wait and watch the activities of every department and after Muharram Ul Haram will file an RTI act to let the people know about the realities. 

Social and RTI Activist from Central Kashmir Ganderbal District,  at contemporary studying at Al Mustafa International University Qom Iran