By Fast Kashmir on 24/09/2017.


On the occasion of UN general assembly session, Kashmiris held a peaceful demonstration outside UN headquarters in New York USA. This protest along with many others was addressed by JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik through a video link… the text of his speech is as follows…..

        Respected ladies and gentlemen….Assalam o Alaikum Warahmatullah

  We all know that in 1947, the British left Indian sub-continent with an unresolved dispute called the dispute on Kashmir and Kashmir. Ironically when Indians and Pakistanis were celebrating their independence, we the people of Jammu Kashmir were left to the merciless hands of occupation and slavery. On 26th October 1947, Indian armed forces landed at Srinagar airport. A bloody unnatural line was drawn through our land in the name of ceasefire, dividing our land of dreams into two. Kashmiris resisted this forced military occupation. India also went to United Nations with a pledge that it will give the people of Jammu Kashmir a free choice to choose and decide about their future. Indian leaders like its first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru not only made these commitments at UN general assembly, but also in the Indian parliament and at Red square in Srinagar. Alas! These pledges were never fulfilled. Today we the people of Jammu Kashmir are being killed, maimed, tortured, jailed and destroyed for asking the fulfillment of these very promises. We are being haunted and wounded, humiliated and dubbed for recalling India and the international community, its pledges and commitments made to the people of Jammu Kashmir.  Today for asking our birth right we Kashmiris are being killed, maimed, blinded, incarcerated, tortured and humiliated by Indian armed forces of India and irony is that this all is being done with utmost impunity. Our human rights are being trampled; our democratic rights are being disregarded. You all may found this strange but it is a fact that in Jammu Kashmir even tiniest of space for peaceful political activities has been choked. We are even being denied a chance to mourn on our dead ones. Irony is that all this is being done in the name of democracy a, peace and law and order.  No one, neither from India nor from the international community seems to bother.  No one is concerned about the young boys and girls of Jammu Kashmir who are being targeted by pellets used in civilized world against animals, whose eyesight is being snatched and who are being maimed and disabled, who are being target fired on heads and chests and killed in cold blood. Unfortunately! No one seems to worry for us because the human and democratic rights of this tiny nation are too little, too small as compared to mighty trade deals, economic benefits and big buyer market of India. Political strategies, security considerations, strategically important bilateral and multilateral partnerships have taken over humanity, democratic aspirations, human rights and other moral considerations.  

Ladies and gentlemen! This is what the international community is doing to humans living in Jammu Kashmir. International community do care for human rights, right to freedom and right to life with peace and liberty all over the globe but Jammu Kashmir seems not fitting in their global perspective at all. I am saying these harsh words because of the facts that I and my nation are being subjected to inhuman behavior for asking questions that were asked by many nations before us. We are not asking for heavens or something bizarre. We are asking for what international community has pledged to us. We are asking what Indian leadership has pledged to us; we are seeking our right of self-determination and implementation of all promises on Jammu Kashmir. We are asking for being reckoned as humans, dignified humans….who want to live freely with peace, harmony and liberty and participate in the progress and prosperity of our region and the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Today when the entire leadership of the world is assembled at one place called The United Nations, I representing the tiny nation of Jammu Kashmir want to tell them all that victimized Kashmiris are waiting for their intervention, we the people of Jammu Kashmir still have some faith in humankind and human values, we still adhere to the principles of democracy and freedom, we still have hope in you, please wake up before it is too late, please stand up for the subjugated, oppressed and colonized humans in Jammu Kashmir. You all are worthy people and you better know that peace and prosperity cannot be achieved in vacuum. You all recognize the importance of peace but for establishing lasting peace, you all need to join hands together and resolve all the disputes and issues that are confronting nations and  tarnishing our desire and dreams of lasting peace.

 Ladies and gentlemen! For oppressed people of Jammu Kashmir, United Nations remains an abode for the fulfillment of expectations and we the people of Jammu Kashmir appeal to you all to revive your policies based wholly and solely on the strategic partnerships, security and economic considerations. Do think of trade and security but don’t let this desire to overcome the considerations of humanity, human values and human rights. Remember! Your prosperity and vastness is relevant when tiny nations like us are included and connected with it.  Thank you

God bless you all.

Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullah