Youth of Jammu should feel the pain of Kashmiri youth: Syed Aijaz Kashani

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By Fast Kashmir on 26/09/2017.

SRINAGAR 26 September: Awami Itihad Party(AIP) youth leader and social Activist Syed Aijaz Kashani today alleged that “communal forces” were trying to create religious and regional division in the state. Syed Aijaz Kashani said “People of Jammu will have to understand that Kashmiris are not seeking any resolution of the dispute on religious grounds but everybody treats J&K a political dispute and wants plebiscite on both sides of the LoC, including Gilgit and Baltistan.”
He appealed the youth of Jammu not to see everything through a “communal prism” and join hands with Kashmiris youth for a permanent resolution of Kashmir dispute so that sufferings of the state comes to an end and durable peace returns to the sub-continent.
Aijaz Kashani asked traders, employees’ union and civil society groups to extend support to the Valley against what he claimed “repression of the state.”
“I want to ask the people of Jammu, especially youth, that when you have to get benefits you align with Kashmiri counterparts why don’t you extend support to people of kashmir when they are facing repression at the hands of security forces and the government.Syed Aijaz Kashani said state government rather hiding it’s failure should come and solve the long pending kashmir issue and goverment should must remember their Promise’s which they made before coming in power but unfortunately the state government pursuing their anti people and Anti youth policies in kashmir valley.