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By Fast Kashmir on 15/10/2017.

Srinagar, Oct 15: With several incidents of Braid Chopping reported on Sunday, the state government continues to remain helpless over the mysterious chopping of hair of Kashmiri womenfolk.

The J&K Police, which has constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT), to probe the Braid Chopping incidents continue to remain clueless, which has created more resentment among the local populace. Police is also facing wide criticism for choking the protests over braid chopping by resorting to intense teargas shelling and other “brute use of force”.
Talking to KNS, IGP Kashmir Muneer Khan said he has spoken a lot to media about this braid chopping. “What more remains there to be talked now? We have started a scientific investigation, may be it will lead us to some where to get some clue,” he said.
During the past one month, hair of over 100 women and young girls has been mysteriously cut in Kashmir valley.

Pic by, Shah Jehangir/FK 
Massive protests broke out in Sopore today after a woman’s braid was chopped off by unknown persons.
According to KNS correspondent, unknown persons barged inside the home of a woman (name withheld) in Khushal Mattoo in Sopore town. As the news broke out, people took to streets and started massive protests.
These girls and women have told their families that unknown persons sprayed something in their eyes, leaving them unconscious and chopping off their braids.

Pic by, Shah Jehangir/FK 
In outskirts of Srinagar city, protests erupted in Dargah locality where people resorted to stone pelting after a word spread about the incident of braid chopping.
Police has maintained a stand on the mysterious braid chopping terming it hysteria. However, people refuse to buy police’s argument and instead blame the force for “sheltering the braid choppers”.

Pic by, Shah Jehangir/FK 
“Where are these braid choppers vanishing after committing a crime? Are they supermen or ghosts? This is a crime now and Police should see it as a crime and solve accordingly,” State Women Commission Chairperson Nayeema Mehjoor in a meeting over Braid Chopping at her office. (KNS)