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By Fast Kashmir on 29/10/2017.

An Open Letter to Mr. Dineshwar Sharma

By: Saif Ali Budgami 

Dear Dineshwar Sharma

I welcome you from the core of my heart to our Paradise Kashmir with the pleasant bouquets. On your resolution to 70 years long standing Kashmir issue peacefully and truthfully. You expect a dialogue of peace and honor, we too would not sadden you for being sad about Kashmiris.

Even though the expectations rotating since decades your pre examined introspection of Kashmir issue seems all reverse as well. Before starting your project your real strategies spoke up that could be the hindrances of resolution ahead. Your intention instead of winning the hearts of Kashmiri people created sheer hatred in people.

On commenting

“ Kashmiris are ruining their future after, independence (Azaadi) or Islamic Caliphate”

It is certain that every Kashmiri would smile on reading your line.

Dear sir, you’re not the first person to embrace the responsibility of resolving this 70 years long standing issue, rather thousands of reputed and highly experienced personalities shouldered the responsibility to resolve the issue. But have you pondered why all of them failed at a sudden before taking the responsibility?

The simple and clear answer to this question is that none of them understood the root cause of the issue. Everyone came with pre planned resolution without feeling the feelings, sentiments, emotions of the people.

“ They spoke the language, that the audience (Kashmiris) didn’t know “

Dear sir, We belong to the valley that was promised to host “Referendum” but the day of hostage never welcomed the valley for being guest.

You all come with your pre planned commentaries and enjoy yourselves then leave the valley by a short tweet.

“Kashmiri people are terrorists, ignorant, and violent.” 

But dear sir, remember you call it terrorism we call it struggle, you call it ignorance, we call it movement, you call it violence, we call it resistance.

“We hate the peace where there is no justice.”

Don’t expect peace under the banner of injustice. Thus your so called violence will last till the banner of justice will be hoisted. And  justice for the people of Kashmir means to full fil our promise referendum and freedom (AZAADI).

I being a Kashmiri urgre to have answer of few questions from you.

1: How much time did M.K Gandhi and other freedom fighters ruin after (AZAADI)?

2: How non violent was Bhagwat Singh that he lastly wrote?

“My life has been dedicated to the noblest cause, that of the freedom of the country. Therefore, there is no rest or worldly desire that can lure me now.”

3What should we call these personalities Mangal Pandey, Madan Lal Dhingra, Udhan Singh  and Batukeshwar Dutt?

Note down, Dear sir our Freedom Movement against India is similar to India’s Freedom Movement against Britishers. 

Therefore we love to ruin our future for our future generations like your freedom fighters ruined their future for you. You don’t want to see another Syria of India, we too don’t want to be the another Palestine of India. You don’t want to see another Libya, we too don’t want to be another Myanmar.

If you are really worried about Kashmir then being Kashmiri I request you to understand the root cause of the issue and sentiments of the common people. You have no way except accepting, there is no solution of Kashmir issue with out “Referendum”.

I hint you the recently contested parliamentary elections in Srinagar constituency which received just 5% of votes and other two constituencies Baramula and Anantnag are still un contested. Thus you could get the practical proof that people of Kashmir are no more willing to stay with India.

Kashmiris are not the laboratory chemicals for your experiments. We are humans and we have feelings and  human rights, to live free accordingly.

Despite all, every Kashmiri will be ready to talk to you on condition that you accept “Kashmiri Freedom Movement” is stood on legal basis. It is not the personal Movement of any Hurriyat leaders or any other organization but it is the collective Movement of all the people Kashmir based on truth, justice, promise and freedom.

In the end I thank you for being pained for we oppressed people and we hope that you will not only work for your project but also for we tyrannized people as well.

By: Saif Ali Budgami

M.A Political Science