Anantnag braid chopped incident found baseless

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By Fast Kashmir on 05/10/2017.

Anantnag braid chopped incident found baseless

Dated: October 05: With reference to an incident reported earlier regarding one girl namely Salfia Jan Daughter of Gh Mohd Raina Resident of Badhran age about 16 yrs student of 10th class regarding hair chopping.
Hair chopping of said girl Seems baseless and a propoganda , the girl was brought to PHC Ashmuqam by home people but her hair was not chopped.

Due to unconscious state she was referred to DH Anantnag, After medical examination, girl was discharged from Hospital with the observations from doctors that there is no external injury ,no bleed, no chemical used ,no unknown smell found and no hair chopped
As per preliminary investigation ,it has found that the story made by girl was totally baseless and fabricated.