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By Fast Kashmir on 07/10/2017.

Attention commuters, LMV operators

SRINAGAR,OCT 06: According to the Senior Superintendent of Police Traffic City Srinagar, to liberate traffic crossings, rotaries, junctions, chowks from on-road parking and traffic congestion with specific reference to Ganta Ghar, Regal Chowk, Jehangir Chowk, Shaheed Gunj, Dalgate Crossing, Badyari Crossing, Khayam Chowk, Ikhwan Chowk, Khanyar Chowk, Qamarwaari Chowk, Fire Service Crossing,  Samandar Bagh, Barbarshah, D.C Office, Old Secretariat, SMHS, LD Hospital Crossing, Town Square Mall, Naaz Crossing, Gaw kadal etc. commuters are advised to avoid obstructive/wrong parking in these areas in the larger interest of general public and better Traffic Management.

All commuters (LMV operates) are advised to park their vehicles at designated parking spaces, wherever available, and desist from on-road parking, obstructing or encouraging wrong parking with specific reference to crossing, rotaries, links and junctions to avoid prosecution under law. Wrong parking at identified places would tantamount to defying the directions of Hon’ble High Court.