Cooperative effort for prevention of braid chopping a best course: Nizamudin Bhat

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By Fast Kashmir on 06/10/2017.

Srinagar Oct 6: Braid chopping is turning into a social evil which if allowed to grow will bring women folk to disgrace and will spread scare to cause a chaotic situation in the state. Stating this Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) General Secretary Nizamudin Bhat said the rising incidents across the valley are sending shock waves and tend to disturb peace.
He said that the public response to the unfortunate trend should not be of one protest but of prevention.
Bhat said any provocative reaction to an unfortunate incident entails a risk of politicization which will serve the divisive and disruptive forces only. He said that Kashmir society has suffered a lot due to multiple divisions and can hardly efford further segregations particularly emanating from coercion and humiliation.
Bhat said that government has to be swift and effective in curbing any menace. The society also owes it to its own essence and survival to work towards coercion more for a common cause of human dignity. Once that happens most of the problems which have genesis in vested interests and divisive designs, will be solved, Bhat added.
He also made an appeal to remain cautious against a negative wisper campaign arrived at making braid chopping as a basis for getting the society at the brink of compound confusion which can ultimately blow truth and reality.
Bhat said it does not benefit any ethos to humiliate women and bring entire women hood to shame, will have horrible results. He said Kashmir society will lose its moral base and will make it shallow of any respectable culture or sustainable content. This he added, will be at our own peril.
Bhat said our society has a strength to evolve a protective mechanism against evil and posterity demands that we rise to the occasion for our own good. He hoped that with positive public response to challenging situations the braid chopping will come to total halt and society can breathe normal.
Let government also mobilize its resource towards that goal, Bhat said and urged upon authorities to work in direction of cooperative approach on social issues. (CNS)