Dialogue Over Kashmir need Sincere Efforts and Strong Political will to address.  

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By Fast Kashmir on 26/10/2017.

Dialogue Over Kashmir need Sincere Efforts and Strong Political will to address.  
 Syed Karar Hashmi 
The Center  decided to kick start a dialogue with all the Stakeholders in Kashmir With an intention to find a holistic   Solution of the Dispute. The History of Delhi is full of Broken promises , not sincere and potent to find a real solution of the Kashmir Issue.  The Similar type  exercise was carried by the Congress in Year 2010 , after death of 100 boys in Kashmir. The Congress appointed three interlocuters to find ways and Strategy of Kashmir Solution but Was an eye Wash not more than that. This time Bhartiya Janta Party have taken Former Intelligence Bureau Chief Dineshwar Sharma as Center’s Interlocutor and would hold talks with all the Stakeholders in Kashmir.
Men in uniform and terrorism have committed huge atrocities , Crimes and mass Human Rights violations in Kashmir.  Terrorism from across the border and State sponsored terrorism have add fuel to the fire in Valley and at the end of the day common people in Kashmir suffered the worst.
The Supremo of Ittihadul Muslimeen and Former Hurriyat Conference Chairman Moulana Abbas Ansari  stated that a tripartite dialogue the only way forward to find a solution acceptable to all the three parties India,  Pakistan and Kashmir. Different views are being shard on the Subject but Overall opinion is cold on the issue. The Youth so called as the future of every Nation have no relevance here.  We are loosing young generation in Kashmir at a very fast rate. The cry’s   and voice of Kashmir’s are no were heard ,On contrary,  People organise discussions and run offices over the killings in Kashmir.  The corrupt leadership have made the Heaven on Earth into graveyard.
The Chief Minister Mahbooba Mufti and Former Chief Minister of National Conference Omar Abdullah welcomed the move,  on Contrary,  Ghulam Nabi Azad told that this Government has no policy on Kashmir and the said move is merely for a publicity Stunt.
We are not against the dialogue but have little hope in this initiate due to history of broken promises and commitments of the successive regimes.  The Government of India should hold dialogue with all the Stakeholders.
Social and RTI Activist from Central Kashmir Ganderbal and Presently studying at Jamia Al Mustafa International University Qom Iran.