Dr Subhash Chandra inaugurates bureau office of Zee Salaam in Srinagar

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By Fast Kashmir on 09/10/2017.

Dr Subhash Chandra inaugurates bureau office of Zee Salaam in Srinagar


He is on two-day visit to Kashmir

Srinagar, Oct 09: Dr. Subhash Chandra Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha and Chairman, Essel Group & Zee Media accompanied by Jagdish Chandra, CEO Zee Regional Channels Monday inaugurated bureau office of Zee Salaam, Urdu News channel at Rajbagh in Srinagar.
Pertinently Zee Salaam has started one hour’s special news beltline with focus on Jammu & Kashmir Affairs being telecasted at7pm to 8pm. On the occasion Dr. Subhash Chandra said that the negativity about the Kashmir should be avoided rather positive stories should be given due space in media.
Among others Syed Tajamul Zee Salaam Bureau Chief Jammu Kashmir, Khalid Hussain Zee News Correspondent was also present on the occasion.
Besides one hour news bulletin with special focus on Jammu & Kashmir, the channel is also amid to telecast special programs in Kashmiri language to promote Kashmiri language and culture.
Dr. Subhash Chandra was on two days visit to Kashmir. He also hosted India’s popular motivational youth Show at SSM College of Engineering & Technology on Sunday. Huge number of students who participated in the DSC show interacts with the Chandra. During this next episode of the show, Dr. Chandra shared his views on ‘Choosing the Right Career Path’ and ‘How to Make or Break a Habit’. The inspirational change-maker from Kashmir were also invited on the show. The episodes shot in Kashmir will be telecast on Zee Media’s channels on November 11th and 18th respectively.
Advising the youth on ‘Choosing the Right Career Path’, Dr. Subhash Chandra said, “Finding the right career path is quite a difficult choice if you analyse its impact on your life. It could be a decision that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. But there are different approaches to looking at this decision. Some argue that your chances of success are very high when you make your passion your career. While others argue that career has nothing to do with passion – there are numerous factors which contribute to a successful career and passion is merely one of them. However, if you follow your heart and intuition while making this decision, they will lead you on the path to success.”
Sharing his views on ‘How to Make or Break a Habit’, Dr. Chandra added, “Often, when we do something for the first time, we face a lot of difficulty. But as we do it more often, it become easier, and finally, with sufficient practice, it becomes a habit. We end up doing it semi-mechanically, or with hardly any consciousness at all. The insight is that your habits are what you choose them to be. Once that choice occurs and becomes automatic, it’s not only real, it starts to seem inevitable. Change might not be fast and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be formed or reshaped.” (KNS)