Follow your conscious & resign from PDP like Vikramditya did: NC to PDP legislators

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By Fast Kashmir on 22/10/2017.

Follow your conscious & resign from PDP like Vikramditya did: NC to PDP legislators


CM Mehbooba losses control over Govt, coalition divides State into divisions: Rana

Mendhar, Oct 22: MLA Mendhar and senior leader of National Conference (NC) Javed Rana on Sunday appealed all the PDP legislators to follow their conscious and resign from the ruling party which has brought miseries for the people of Jammu and Kashmir by dividing all the regions.
“The resignation of Vikramaditya Singh from PDP has raised question mark on the functioning of the Government and its intention has come under question mark. The Government which was expected to work for all three regions equally has been allegedly dividing the State with its divisive policies,” he alleged.
In a press statement, Rana said that PDP-BJP government has created a divide among the regions and it has given rise to mistrust in all the regions.
“Communal politics in Jammu has further widened the gaps between the two regions which remained dependent economically and socially on each other since centuries,” said Rana.
MLA Mendhar was concerned over deteriorating law-and-order condition in Kashmir valley where people fear their own people suspecting them as ‘braid choppers.’
“Recently, tourists, and non-locals were caught by the vigilantes in parts of Kashmir suspecting them as braid choppers. People have started taking law in their hands because there is no Government on ground and Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has lost complete control over her Government,” he alleged.
He said that BJP has taken over the charge of Jammu division, while Kashmir given to PDP which shows that the parties themselves have divided the states for their political gains and lust for power.
“These divisive policies have brought miseries for the people of Jammu, Ladakh and Kashmir. The state which remained united has reached the stage where everyone is suspecting each other and mutual trust is lost somewhere,” he said.
He appealed all the legislators from PDP to submit their resignation before it is too late like Vikramditya and work for the united Jammu and Kashmir.
“In last three years, this Government has created cracks and these divisions have given rise to many issues like demand for revoking of Art 35A, Art 370 and many other things,” he said.