Freedom Party dismisses as unauthentic the statements under its name on social media

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By Fast Kashmir on 25/10/2017.

Freedom Party dismisses as unauthentic the statements under its name on social media

Terms Oct 27 as black day for Kashmiris; 

Says talks under prevailing circumstances meaningless

Srinagar, Oct 25: The Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) has distanced itself from the statements that have appeared on social media under its name while making it clear that nobody has mandate to issue statements regarding party’s policy matters.

DFP general secretary Moulana Abdullah Tari in a statement to press has dismissed the attempts of linking some statements with party as unauthentic and unreliable. “The party believes in discipline and operates in a well-organised manner. All the statements are issued after proper consultation with the secretary general,” he said.

Meanwhile, terming October 27 as the “darkest day” in the history of Kashmir, a DFP spokesperson said the people of Jammu Kashmir have never acknowledged the forcible occupation of India as on the same day India annexed the territory through its military might.

The spokesperson said Kashmir was never part of India and that Kashmiri nation will continue its freedom struggle against the illegal and forcible rule of India till the issue is not resolved.

He said the people of Jammu Kashmir have rendered invaluable sacrifices for the achievement of their birth right of self-determination for the last 70 years and are committed to pursue their mission of freedom.

Commenting on the role played by pro-Indian politicians against the freedom struggle of Kashmiris, the spokesperson said these people have inflicted heavy damage to the movement and continue to play the role of collaborators of New Delhi.

He said Kashmiris have no issues with any country but we are committed to a peaceful mission of liberating our nation from the clutches of slavery and struggle for freedom as many other nations did in past.

Expressing grave concern over the prevailing situation in Jammu Kashmir, the DFP spokesperson said jails are filled with people, bloodshed and attacks on our women-folk continue, and our leadership is put behind bars under fabricated charges. “In such circumstances, to hold dialogue is meaningless,” he said.

“We believe that resolution of the issue(s) lies in dialogue but inviting for talks while suppressing voices and caging the leadership is foolish.”

“There should be a conducive atmosphere to hold tripartite talks. As such, India should release all the leaders and youth and dismiss the fabricated cases slapped against them.

If such steps are taken, the solution to issues during talks would become much easier,” the spokesperson said.(GNS)