‘Frequent traffic jams on Rambagh, Jahangir Chowk road irk commuters’

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By Fast Kashmir on 26/10/2017.

‘Frequent traffic jams on Rambagh, Jahangir Chowk road irk commuters’
Authorities clueless

Srinagar, Oct 26: With Jehangir Chowk-Rambagh flyover having missed multiple deadlines and authorities are not sure when it will be completed, it is seen that massive traffic jams on this major road is causing immense hardships to commuters.
The commuters from other parts of the Srinagar City also allege that traffic jams go from bad to worse each day.
This year alone, the authorities had set up several deadlines for the completion of first link of the flyover. First it was June then the September but could not complete within the set deadlines. Recently, the Divisional Commissioner set up October deadline for its completion. However, the government has told the court that a new deadline has been set up for the Rambagh-Jehangir Chowk flyover.
Commuters allege that Traffic jams have become an everyday’s headache on this road and other roads of the Srinagar city. “It seems that office of the RTO here is only busy in issuing driving licenses. Even the traffic police have also become a mute spectator,” one of the senior residents of Srinagar city told KNS.
Commuters allege that the Traffic police only, make their daily-wage and conclude the day with bagful of consideration. “There has been a huge provision in the budget for organizing awareness camps through traffic weeks, but has there ever been a change which took place with such awareness camps and traffic weeks, said one of the observers.
They observers say that these traffic weeks organized by traffic police in collaboration with RTO’s and civil societies looks to be limited to ribbon cuttings.
One of the experts was of the view that like in the foreign countries where it is mandatory for educational institutions to teach the basics of traffic rules along with the primary studies, education department should include one of the primary subjects of the traffic management system so that children get fully aware at a very early age.
One of the traffic police officials on condition of anonymity admitted that the traffic situation in the city has become chaotic. “Our duty is not just to collect fines from law-breakers, but the primary responsibility of the police is to regulate the traffic. The task has become very difficult because of those who violate traffic rules,” he said and added that Signal jumping, halting on zebra crossings, talking on cell phones while driving/riding, driving and parking on the footpaths, haphazardly parking vehicles, and rash and negligent driving are some of the most common offenses.
He said that there are so many who break traffic rules blatantly and with no regard for other road users. They show no concern for other road users or pedestrians.
Meanwhile commuters from other districts allege that Assistant Regional transport offices (ARTO), spread over entire JK state have been found as defunct as no proper check in place has been found.
“These offices have been designated for a Particular cause which has a constitution to bring about the progress in the total traffic management system and to implement these rules, but it seems that there has been absolute failure in the implementation of such laid laws, rules and procedures, one of the social activists of Baramullah said. (KNS)