Government not serious in exposing braid choppers: Aga Hasan

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By Fast Kashmir on 13/10/2017.

Srinagar, Oct 13: Stating it is the responsibility of State Government to identify and expose braid choppers, senior separatist leader and president Anjuman Shari Shian Aga Syed Hasan Almosvi Alsafvi has said that the callous and insensitive approach of the government is adding fuel to the fire.

According to a statement issued to KNS, addressing people at Central Imambara at Budgam on Friday, Aga Hasan said that blamed government for its shoddy investigation and for making contradictory statements on braid chopping.

He said government is trying to trivialize braid chopping instead of unraveling the mystery behind these incidents.”

“Braid chopping is not just an assault on the body of a woman but on her dignity. This amounts to a grave human rights violation against women folk of Kashmir and this falls into a pattern. This is a trick to instill fear among people in Kashmir,” he said.

“On one side government says it is mass hysteria, and on other it announces rewards for those who catch hold of the culprits,” he said.

Aga Syed Hasan said that those involved in such heinous crimes should understand society will not spare them and besides such acts will counterproductive for those on whose behest they work.

“People in Kashmir suspect some agencies are behind braid chopping. This suspicion is growing with each passing day.

People in Kashmir have been given a feeling that New Delhi looks at them with so much of contempt that braid chopping seems to be another weapon they are being attacked with,” he said and asked state government to be sensitive and expose these criminals who are playing with the honour of women. (KNS)