Hakeem Yaseen demands return of Power projects from NHPC

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By Fast Kashmir on 12/10/2017.

Hakeem Yaseen demands return of Power projects from NHPC


Says centre hurting emotions of the state’s people

Budgam, Oct 12: Castigating PDP- BJP coalition Government for bartering the interests of the state for power lust, the Chairman, PDF and MLA, Khansahib, Hakeem Muhammad Yaseen has said that refusal of the centre to return power projects to J&K was another betrayal to the promises made to the people of the state in the Agenda Of Alliance (AOA). He said total silence of the state Government over the statement of the Union power Minister, R K Singh that Centre won’t return power projects to J&K speaks volumes about the non seriousness of the PDP towards the most sensitive and emotional issues of the people.
Speaking to people during his tour to various areas of his Khansahib constituency, particularly Shalnar, Arigam, Fraswar and Hangoo, Hakeem Yasin said that in the AOA, which is the road map for governing the affairs of state, both the PDP and BJP coalition partners had assured the people of the state to get the power projects back from the NHPC, but, they are now betraying from their promises just for remaining clinched to the chair, “Hakeem Yaseen said adding playing against the emotions of the people is fraught with serious consequences which are against the overall interests of the Nation. He said that fiddling with the emotional issues of the people shall give rise to further alienation among the people and its responsibility lies on the PDP and BJP parties.
He said that the present government has miserably failed to implement the AOA in all respects, hence has no morality to remain in place.
Hakeem Yaseen has demanded that the Centre should return back power projects to the state without wasting any further time so that hundreds of Corers of rupees spent on import of electricity are saved.
Hakeem Yaseen has said that the present government has also failed to provide good governance to the people adding that common people are facing tremendous hardships for want of basic amenities of life.
Hakeem Yaseen held public durbars with the people and heard their grievances. He asked the concerned officers and engineers, accompanying him, to redress their all the genuine grievances. He assured the people that their problems with respect to drinking water and power supply will be solved. He said that all the habitations in the Khansahib constituency will be connected to the road network to generate economic and livelihood opportunities.
Hakeem Yaseen was accompanied by the concerned officers of the district administration Budgam. (KNS)