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By Fast Kashmir on 29/10/2017.

Says Congress never sincere in resolving Kashmir dispute


Handwara, 29 Oct. 2017Appealing BJP and Congress not to use Kashmir issue for their vote Politics, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er Rashid has asked both the parties to clear their confusions and take a realistic stand for the durable settlement of the seventy year long dispute. While addressing a gathering at Sochalyari Handwara today Er Rashid reiterated that autonomy is not a solution to the problem. He said “it is strange that both the main national parties are exposing themselves by not speaking the truth and distorting the historic facts. While P Chidambaram must know that autonomy has no takers, BJP should explain, if Sang Parivar is not even in favour of restoring 1953 position, what is the purpose of appointing interlocutor. Unless both the parties do not stop black mailing each other using the sufferings of kashmiri’s as a tool to do so, nothing is going to compel kashmiris  to soften their justified stand.” Er Rashid added that by contradicting their own intentions the central govt. Is proving that it had nothing to offer to kashmiri’s that could match the historic realities, sentiments and sacrifices of kashmiris. He added “Chidambaram’s desire to offer autonomy to kashmiris is just an attempt to corner BJP. If congress sincerely believes autonomy should be given to kashmiris, why didn’t they offered it during their long rule. It is congress which in fact not only is responsible for creation of Kashmir issue, eroding autonomy and hanging Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat but has also provoked Pakistan by fully supporting creation of Bangladesh.” Er Rashid appealed BJP leadership to come out of the impression that it can force a resolution of its own choice by harassing and humiliating kashmiris one way or the other. Er Rashid said that unless BJP and Congress don’t reach a consensus any talks are sure to yield nothing on the ground.