Jio Plans Updated: Here is the Full List of New Prepaid & Postpaid Recharges

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By Fast Kashmir on 28/10/2017.

Jio Plans Updated: Here is the Full List of New Prepaid & Postpaid Recharges


    • Jio’s revised tariff is applicable for new and existing users from Diwali onwards
    • Validity of many plans have been reduced
    • The post-FUP speed has seen a dip from 128kbps to 64kbps

As a part of Diwali tariff revision Jio plans have been updated as that telecom operator declared a fortnight ago. The revised Jio plan is applicable on both prepaid and postpaid plans and came into effect on the day of Diwali from October 19. While some plans have been discontinued, others have been added to the list, but the biggest shocker is that there is a rise of 15% in the price of Rs.399 plan. Postpaid users will also get validities for shorter duration under the new Jio tariff revision and the 64kbps post-FUP speed is now down from 128kbps for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

Here is the full list of new Jio plans that you get, even those that the company has not mentioned in its list of plans on the official website.

Jio prepaid plans

Rs. 9,999

This one is the costliest Jio plan for prepaid users, the Rs. 9,999 recharge pack gives customers 750GB data for 360 days, without any daily FUP. However, the package includes free voice calls and SMSes and complimentary access to the company’s apps.

Rs. 4,999

With validity of 360 days the Rs. 4,999 pack gives the user 350GB of high-speed data. There’s no daily limit on the data consumption with this plan too. Also the plan includes unlimited calls (on roaming as well), 100 free SMSes per day, and free subscription to its apps with the pack.

Rs. 1,999

The Rs. 1,999 plan with validity of 180 days offers buyers 125GB data, without any consumption limit cap. Freebies such as the free calls and SMSes and apps subscription are also included in this plan.

Rs. 999

Jio’s Rs. 999 plan comes with 60GB of data which can be used for 90 days, again, with no limitations on how much data is used in a day. The freebies stay here too.

Rs. 799

Available for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus customers, the Rs. 799 recharge comes with 3GB data per day and validity of 28 days. This plan is not mentioned on the official Jio website, but can be found in the MyJio app or the recharge section of the site.  Free calls and other freebies are also included with this pack and become eligible for the 70% iPhone 8/ iPhone 8 Plus buyback offer that Jio is giving to the users.

Rs. 509

The Rs. 509 Jio plan is the costliest one with a daily cap – you will get 2GB of 4G data per day valid for 49 days. This amounts to 98GB data for the validity period. Free calls and SMSes and Jio apps subscription is also a part of this plan.

Rs. 491

At Rs.491, this one gives you 91GB data for 91 days at 1GB per day. You will not be able to find this plan on the Jio website in the list, but can be found in the recharge page for sure. You will get the free calls, SMSes and Jio apps if you avail this pack.

Rs. 459

The newest plan on the block, the Rs. 459 Jio plan provides the user with 1GB data per day and the freebies, valid for 84 days. The new plan provides almost the same benefits that the Rs. 399 plan but at a higher price.

Rs. 399

With the tariff revision, instead of the 84 days the company is now giving 70 days of validity. Other details, like 1GB data allocation per day and freebies is same as in other plans.

Rs. 309

While this Rs.309 plan is not listed on the company’s official website, the Jio Rs. 309 plan can be still purchased from the MyJio app and the recharge section of the website. It still comes with 1GB data per day and the other free items, but the validity has been reduced from 56 days to 49 days.

Rs. 149

Valid for 28 days, the amount of data the company is bundling with this Rs.149 plan is just 4.2 GB. Additionally, there is a cap of 150MB on high-speed data consumption per day. In place of 100 SMSes per day, only 300 free text messages are included in this plan, along with the calls and apps access.

Rs. 98

Available with 14-day validity, the Jio Rs. 98 plan comes with 2.1GB data, doled out in tranches of 150MB per day. Free calls and subscription to the company’s apps is there. But for the entire validity period, free SMSes are limited to 140 texts for the users.

Rs. 52

Then there’s the new Rs. 52 pack with 7-day validity with 150MB daily high-speed data cap, totaling 1.05GB data. Buyers will get 70 free SMSes, free calls and access to Jio apps with this recharge pack.

Rs. 19

Another one which is not listed on the official website, this pack comes with 150MB data and validity of one day. With this pack, users will get free calls, 100 SMSes and apps subscription for the day.

Price Validity Daily FUP Bundled Data
Rs. 19 1 Day 150MB 150MB
Rs. 52 7 Days 150MB 1.05GB
Rs. 98 14 Days 150MB 2.1GB
Rs. 149 28 Days 150MB 4.2GB
Rs. 309 49 Days 1GB 49GB
Rs. 399 70 Days 1GB 70GB
Rs. 459 84 Days 1GB 84GB
Rs. 491 91 Days 1GB 91GB
Rs. 509 49 Days 2GB 98GB
Rs. 799 28 Days 3GB 84GB
Rs. 999 90 Days N/A 60GB
Rs. 1,999 180 Days N/A 125GB
Rs. 4,999 360 Days N/A 350GB
Rs. 9,999 3600 Days N/A 750GB

Jio postpaid plans

Rs. 999
The Rs. 999 postpaid plan included 60GB data and no limitation on how much data be used in a single day. As with the prepaid packs, subscribers of this plan will also get free calls and text messages, as well as the acess to Jio apps. The security deposit for the plan is Rs. 1,150.

Rs. 799                                                                                                                                                                                          
A new plan in the list, the Rs. 799 Jio postpaid plan provides customers 90GB, with daily cap of 3GB a day. Of course, all the freebies like free outgoing calls and SMSes are part of the plan also. But to get access to this pack, the user will have to pay a security deposit of Rs. 950. As with the prepaid plan, it is available only for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus customers.

Rs. 509
With a Rs. 600 security deposit, Jio users will get the Rs. 509 postpaid plan, which provides 2GB data per day. This totals to 60GB data for the complete billing cycle. Additionally, the user will get free calls, texts and access to the company’s apps with the package.

Rs. 409
Another new plan launched with the tariff revision, the Rs. 409 pack comes with 20GB data and has got no limit on how much can be consumed daily. The calls, SMSes and apps are free here also, and the security deposit is Rs. 500.

Rs. 309
With a security deposit of Rs. 400, jio plan provides 1GB data per day to the users. Of course, the other freebies, such as the calls, texts and the apps subscription are also included this plan too.

Price Validity Daily FUP Bundled Data Deposit
Rs. 309 1 Billing Cycle 1GB 30GB Rs. 400
Rs. 409 1 Billing Cycle N/A 20GB Rs. 500
Rs. 509 1 Billing Cycle 2GB 60GB Rs. 600
Rs. 799 1 Billing Cycle 3GB 90GB Rs. 950
Rs. 999 1 Billing Cycle N/A 60GB Rs. 1,150