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By Fast Kashmir on 16/10/2017.

Srinagar, Oct 16: The Jammu and Kashmir Young Journalist Association (JKYJA) in a statement on Monday strongly condemned the continuous clampdown of 3G and 4G Mobile Internet services in Kashmir. The JKYJA said that the Internet ban not only heightens the state of paranoia amongst the citizens but also affects the work of Journalists in Kashmir, adding, the internet ban also attacks the livelihood of dozens of people including professional journalists whose work is dependable on Internet.
The JKYJA said that the over the past years, the repeated suspension of mobile internet services has become common in Kashmir which reflects the total indifference of government towards the prosperity, development, economic and educational upliftment of Kashmiri people in addition to the promotion of tourism.
Considering the adverse impact on the economic prospects due to the Internet Ban the JKYJA appealed people from IT section, Tourism, Lawyers, Traders, Entrepreneurs, Students and Teachers to condemn the Internet ban in Kashmir which amount onslaught on Right to Life.
The JKYJA statement reads that depriving people of even basic internet facilities has a significantly disproportionate impact on the fundamental rights of everyone in Kashmir particularly the journalist in ground.
The JKYJA called on the J&K State Authorities to guarantee freedom of expression in Kashmir and to seek a solution by a democratic process for the issues which lead to the unjustified internet ban.  JKYJA stated that it will come with a complete course of action in coming days so as to raise voice against the serious issue of internet ban.