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By Fast Kashmir on 16/10/2017.

Sameer Showkin Lone

Srinagar: As India and Pakistan continue to squabble over Kashmir, a small story may go a long way in letting the breeze of peace float across the line of control (LoC).
She came to Kashmir as Nadia Mehrdin, and returned as Dr Nadia Mehrdin-the first Pakistani to complete Ph. D from Kashmir University.
Four years in valley and she completed her Ph. D in medieval history of Kashmir from the department of Kashmir Studies in Kashmir University.
Dr. Mehrdin, who is in her late 20s, hails from Kasur in Punjab province of Pakistan.
She has gone back to her homeland, Pakistan, with lot of memories and a Ph. D degree in hand.
“Will share the best moments of my life in Kashmir with my family and colleagues back in Pakistan. I wish more Pakistani students will be allowed to come here for studies,” she said.
Like other Pakistani students she too was inspired by the songs about Kashmir played in Pakistan every year on the eve of Kashmir Day.During her research, Dr. Mehrdin says she  has learnt a lot about Kashmir and its history.
“There is lot more to talk about Kashmir. I would like that to appear in Pakistani press,” she said.
She still remembers the day when her parents refused to allow her to visit Kashmir.
“I had to face lot of hassles to get the visa for Kashmir. Had I applied for visa for US or any other place I would have completed my degree years ago. But I wanted to fulfill my dream to see the land which is the most debated in Pakistan,” she said.
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Whosoever she met in Kashmir helped her in her research project, she said. “I will never forget the hospitality of Kashmiris,” said Dr. Mehrdin.
The young doctorate says she will become inspiration for the other passionate Pakistan students to take up studies in Kashmir.
Four years ago, when she landed at Srinagar airport she was welcomed by less people and more troops. “I got scared. Army was everywhere,” she recalls.
“Even the flight which I boarded in New Delhi had more troops than civilian passengers.”
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