Mohan Bhagwat Assertions on Jammu Kashmir absurd and day dreaming. Malik

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By Fast Kashmir on 01/10/2017.

JKLF condemns use of brutal force on Ashura processions…


SRINAGAR, October 01:  Jammu Kashmir was, is and will never be a part of India. Instead of thinking of conquering Jammu Kashmir, Mohen Bhagwat should think of his india which is getting closer to disintegration by RSS anti- minority policies. This was stated by incarcerate JKLF Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik while reacting to recent assertions of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Jammu Kashmir. Terming Moham Bhagwat assertions on Jammu Kashmir as absurd, Yasin Malik said that integrating Jammu Kashmir with India through constitutional measures and military operation and oppression, can only be termed as day dreaming and illogical. Yasin Malik said that Mohan Bhagwat , who is dreaming of integrating  Jammu Kashmir with India, should instead ponder over his own anti- Muslim, anti- Dalit and anti- minority policies which are bound to disintegrate his India . Yasin Malik said that Jammu Kashmir is not any bodys inherited estate. This land belongs to the people of Jammu Kashmir and sooner or later India will have to end its illegal military occupation of this land and vacate this land in the interest of peace and tranquility. Yasin Malik leaders said that trampling state subject law, giving permanent citizenship to west Pakistan refugees or any other tactics to change the demography and Muslim character of this land will  meet a stiff resistance from the people of Jammu Kashmir and we will even not shy away from spilling our blood while defending our identity and freedom. Yasin Malik said that Mohan Bhagwat and people like him should know that people of Jammu Kashmir are a living nation and have courage to defeat the nefarious designs of RSS fascism. Yasin Malik said that Jammu Kashmir is a disputed land and ancestral inhabitants of this land have every right on it, but any attempt to provide permanent citizenship to West Pakistan refuges and thus change its demography. are actually against international laws and norms and Kashmiris will leave no stone unturned in defending their demography and character, Yasin Malik  said  by hailing a free hand given to Indian army and police , Mohan  Bhagwat has actually vindicated the military occupation of Indian on Jammu Kashmir . Bhagwat should understand that a nation which has rendered sacrifices of more than five lakh people for freedom cannot be intimidated and put to submission by military and police might. Yasin Malik said that people of Jammu Kashmir are striving for a just cause and our struggle will continue, till the achievement of the desire goal.

Meanwhile JKLF incarcerate chairman strongly condemned the ban on Ashura procession and brutal use of force against these procession and termed it as most undemocratic and direct interference in religious affairs of Muslims in Kashmir.