On JRL call, JKLF stages protest against braid chopping at Abi Guzar

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By Fast Kashmir on 13/10/2017.


Stop attacks on Kashmiri women immediately and don’t test our patience // incarcerated JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik

Srinagar, Oct 13:  don’t test the patience of Kashmiris, stop attacks on sisters, mothers, daughters immediately. If these attacks don’t stop immediately there will be serious repercussions and responsibility of everything that occurs will lie on the shoulders of so- called rulers

This was stated by incarcerated chairman of JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik in a message sent out from Srinagar central jail today. Meanwhile JKLF leaders and activists along with people staged a peaceful protest at Abi Guzar against growing braid chopping incidents in Kashmir.

JKLF leaders and activists including Noor Muhammad Kalwal , Zahoor Ahmad Butt, Muhammad Yasin Bhat , Muhammad Sadeeq Shah, Prof Javaid and Ghulan Muhammad Dar along with people today staged a peaceful protest against growing attacks on kashmiri women folk and incidents of braid choppings . JKLF leaders and activist along with people gathered at Abi Guzar Lal Chowk . Police had laid barricades on roads leading towards Lal Chowk because of which this protest rally was turned into a protest sit-in. with placards in hands and raising slogans against attacks on women. Protesters strongly condemned the incidents of braid chopping. The protest was addressed by various JKLF leaders who also delivered a message from incarcerated JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik . In his message JKLF chairman has warned Indian rulers, their kashmiri stooges and occupational authorities to immediately stop attacks on Kashmiri women. He said that if these ugly attacks are not halted immediately, these will have serious consequences and responsibility …of anything untoward will lie on the shoulders of these so-called rulers. Yasin Malik said that speed with which these braid cutting incidents are happening and the utter shameful attitude of so- called rulers, their Indian masters and occupational authorities, and failure to identify or arrest culprits involved in attacks on women Is proving that something is fishy and conspiratorial. he said that police takes no time in identifying and arresting so-called rumor mongers. It takes no time in arresting innocent youth in the name of stone pelting and ruining their lives and careers and it is prompt while caging down peaceful political resistance leaders and activists, imposing curfews and shutting down educational institutions but this force with all its expertise has failed or displayed its failure from indentify or arresting braid choppers which is in itself a mystery. He said that hundreds of braid chopping incidents and growing anxiety among masses has not yet touched the consciousness of so-called rulers who except jailing people, riding Scoty’s, holding concerts and issuing some shameless statements in this name of “ Beti Bechaw, seem to know nothing . JKLF chairman said that enough is enough and these shameless rulers need to understand that if they don’t stop these attacks on the chastity of women .situation will take any ugly turn and responsibility of whatever happens then will lie on their shoulders only. It is worth of mention that JKLF chairman was arrested by police on 6th October 2017 and along with seven other JKLF leaders including Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri, Muhammad Azeem Zargar, Basharat Ahmad Butt, Nazir Ahmad Pulwama, Meraj ud din Soitaing and Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah is lodged at central jail Srinagar from then.