PSAK supports Black Day protest against central govt policies

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By Fast Kashmir on 12/10/2017.

PSAK supports Black Day protest against central govt policies


‘J&K is safe, but future uncertain’

Srinagar, Oct 12: Private Schools Association of Kashmir (PSAK) today supported the observance of ‘Black Day’ by thousands of schools across different states to protest policies of central government that interfere with their administration.
The Association said that central government has encouraged a biased policy aimed at stiffing free and liberal voices across the country.
The protest, being coordinated by Delhi-based National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA), has received support from some CBSE and state board schools in various states as well. On the occasion all staff members wore a black ribbon and also put up a black flag on the school’s gate and buses.
“Over the last few years all liberal voices and institutions of free thinking have come under coordinated attack from some elements in the society. These elements often occupy higher positions and offices of influence across the country,” said G N Var president PSAK. “Their aim is to destroy all such institutions that aim to produce students with new and progressive ideas.”
The association said that private schools are being coerced and forced to toe the ideology of certain quarters and in the event of defiance, schools are even threatened with closure. “If these things continue no institution of excellence will remain in any state,” said Var.
The Association said that although no such situation has risen in J&K but one has to remain prepares for the future. “Here in our state, the government has comparatively provided a level playing field to private schools and there is no order on imposition of any particular agenda on us,” said Var. “But future is uncertain as there is no dearth of some elements in J&K who are eagerly waiting to sabotage our fledgling education sector.”
The association appealed the parents and civil society to be united with them so that any future policy to impose certain agenda is thwarted beforehand. “We cannot remain complacent to the threat that is approaching us in one way or other,” said Var. “We have to save our education and next generation under any circumstance.” (KNS)