Punjab Govt extort money from Mutton dealers

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By Fast Kashmir on 31/10/2017.

Punjab Govt extort money from Mutton dealers

Kashmir economic Alliance Support Mutton dealers view point

Srinagar, Oct 31: Kashmir Economic Alliance Monday alleged that some “goons” in Punjab Govt who act as officials extort money from them in the name of special tax.
In a statement Kashmir Economic Alliance said that they held a meeting under the presidendship of acting president Farooq Ahmed Dar requests the government to intervene.

“A gang of local goons on the highway along Lakhanpore, Pathankote and Madav por road in Punjab are extorting money from Kashmiri Mutton dealers and not allowing transporting sheep’s and goats meant for meat in Kashmir,” DAR said.

Dar said that they are forcibly used to pay the ‘special tax’ in the name of Punjab cattle Fair Act 1987.
He alleged that this Whole drama is played under officials of Punjab Govt.

“Although the Mutton is being carried from Gazapore and Delhi under valid documents and receipts, a group of 20-25 people in Lakhanpore, Pathankote road claim to be government officials and forcibly make them pay the illegal tax which various from 30000per truck,” Dar said.
“As a mark of support for the victimized Mutton deale

rs, we fully endorse their view point, and appeal the government to have a look into their issues, bearing in mind the economy of Kashmir is crippled and Mutton dealers were the worst affected.” He said. (CNS)