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By Fast Kashmir on 05/11/2017.

​Bunjwah, A neglected figure in Inderwal constituency

Better road connectivity Black top on Dunadi Bunjwah KewaPull Kither road , Quality Education, Better Health care facilities, Safe drinking water, Hassle free supply of essential commodities, Government Degree College ,  Opening of Tehsil level Offices , Girls Higher Secondary School, Tourist destination Devigoal,  A distant dream of  public “,


Kishtwar, Nov 05: Naturally decorated “Bunjwah” region of chenab valley in Kishtwar district still remains neglected by Central, State Government and District Administration on each and every pattern of development in this modern era of science and technology . Tall claim made by Prime Minister of India Shri Narinder Modi in modernisation and digitalisation of centrally sponsored schemes in order that every citizen shall avail benefit on doorstep  vows only in public rallies and press statements as reality differs it’s fiction.  

        “Bunjwah” A remote and naturally decorated region of Kishtwar district in Inderwal Assembly segment had became prey of politicians from its Independence and the people living in Bunjwah are still living like early man age as they are denied by basic rights and status in Indian constitution. 

        During the resigm of NC _ Congress Bunjwah gets its administrative unit as Tehsildar Executive Magistrate Class Ist Bunjwah that a ray hope begun in mind of peoples that their demands shall be fullfilled in their respective location . Unfortunately, the ray hope broke up that may sound strange but it’s true that Bunjwah is having  only Tehsil Headquarter that is being run by Tehsildar and two office Patwari and the  posting of other staff is unknown to author weather other office posts are filled or not .

           Despite tall claim made by State Government and particularly legislatures as well as contesting candidates to reach out the cause of poor masses on ground had became only dream as no one bothered to pay heed toward Bunjwah .

         “Bunjwah” falling under Inderwal Assembly segment , from where Former R&B Minister and present MLA Inderwal G M Saroori became third time MLA as He didn’t pay any heed toward Bunjwah to reach out the cause of poor masses. Though during the tenure of Ministry G M Saroori laid foundation stone of various projects that still awaits it’s completion that was done only for vote bank in befooling public.

        Witnessing the worse condition of Dunadi Bunjwah KewaPull Kither road clearly shows the interest of Former R&B Minister and present MLA Inderwal toward Bunjwah . Not only road various other problems are being faced by poor masses as no one political leader came forward to solve their problems. 

        From the same region BJP State General Secretary Minority Morcha Jammu and Kashmir and Contesting MLA Canidate from Inderwal in 2014 Assembly Election Tariq Hussain Keen hails from same region Bunjwah having its native village near Government Higher Secondary School Binoon also didn’t pay any attention toward his home region as He is having political protocol  of present Collation government. Tariq Hussain Keen, who got 17000 votes in his favour on BJP Ticket failed to pay attention toward his home region,  as Bunjwah road is still not maintained/ macdemized as his colleague MLA Kishtwar and Minister of State Sunil Sharma hails from same district .

         PDP canidate from Inderwal in 2014 Assembly Election Abdul Majid Butt who hails from neighbouring region Thathri constested MLA election on PDP ticket and got 12000 votes in his favour as He from Election result had completely neglected Bunjwah as He was having protocol of ruling PDP .

        Despite these Block Presidents of Congress, Peoples Democratic Party and Bhartiya Janta Party hails from Bunjwah as they didn’t pays any attention toward their home region. Not only these ,the other Sarpanches , Panches and Political leaders didn’t raise the issue of Dunadi Bunjwah KewaPull Kither  road over which the work was started from last few decades ago. 

         Despite all these, No one political representative  came forward to fought for their basic rights as per Right of Government of India to raise voice for cause of poors in Bunjwah. 

         Beside All these , I ( Shafqat Sheikh ) being  Social Activist / Journalist  try my best efforts under Supervision of Senior Journalist from Chenab Valley in raising the public issues more than hundreds times through print , electronic and social media to reach out the cause of poor masses  . But Unfortunately the Ministers, legislatures and politicians puts deaf ears and blind eyes toward Bunjwah as they all remain busy to enjoy their daily life in capital city after winning the election .

             During the Election rallies of Congress, Peoples Democratic Party and Bhartiya Janta Party in 2014 , All three candidates promised that Dunadi Bunjwah KewaPull Kither road shall be blacktopped within six months after election results. Unfortunately more than  about three years passed away no one political leader came forward to complete his promise that was made by him before public. 

        It is important to mention that Dunadi Bunjwah KewaPull Kither road is only one road link connecting Bunjwah with District Headquarter and other regions of states. 

        Tehsil Office Bunjwah is being running only in few rooms lacking the shortage of accommodation, boundary walls and main gate. There is only one  Tehsil Office and rest all the Tehsil level offices are running from District Headquarter due to which poor masses  suffers badly.

         Health care system in Bunjwah is still primitive as only Primary Health Centres Nali is functional to cater the huge rush of patients under shortage of staff , lack of accommodation / residential quarter , Ambulance service and proper quota of medicines , patient beds , other technical instruments and various others that are necessary for treatment . The doctors posted in PHC Nali faces hardship while caring a patient in case of emergency and it had became tough to those to cater more than two patients at same time as during sudden emergency cases they have to treat patients in open mercury as they are not having any alternate accommodation . The other Health  Sub Centres are running in rented accommodation under violation of staff requirements and people’s living in far-flung areas faces hardship in a  minor ailments. 

        Beside this “Power Development Department” ( PDD ) had became only name in Bunjwah as they failed to replace wooden poles in Bunjwah that were installed in 1995 . Not only wooden poles , In this modern era of science and technology electric wires are still attached with green trees to provide electricity to consumers . Beside maintaining and replacing the wooden poles, Every month PDD Officers hikes monthly fare and collect crores of rupees through Bank as fare from consumers but failed  in proper maintenance and displaying of regular schedule . Not only this, PDD failed in electrifying various regions of Bunjwah as they are still dreaming to see electric light in their homes.

       Taking a look on “Public Health Engineering” (PHE) Department , various villages are still facing scarcity of safe drinking water in Digital India , Damaged pipelines clearly shows the intrest of PHE officers toward public . Various other villages are not getting proper water supply as the pipeline are damaged and not repaired from installation.

          There is shortage of essential commodities in Government Fair Price shops as the worse condition of road had hits badly the transportation of essential commodities. 

        Quality Education system needs to be improved as in Tehsil Bunjwah more than 50 Primary, Middle schools had been opened from last few years to provide basic education at doorstep that had became a dream. These schools were opened only to select their own candidates as Teachers on political basis as mostly some schools are club combined as their were only few students enrolled that needs to be checked out . Some of these teachers didn’t pay any heed toward their duties as mostly they remain absent on behalf of political influences. Bunjwah having only one “Higher Secondary” is facing shortage of accommodation and play ground as the ground is under construction from last few year still not completed that shows the interest of State Government and MLA Inderwal toward Educational sector in Bunjwah .

         In Government Higher Secondary School Binoon post of Lecturers are not not filled on permanent basis as only few lecturers are posted on permanent basis  and rest other remains  vacant or adhoc.  

         The students after passing 12th Class examination have to send off their studies or  accommodate on rented accommodation in Doda, Kishtwar to continue their studies in different colleges that became burden upon their parents and relatives. The girls students sendoff their studies after class 8th exam as state government failed in establishing a spreate Girls Higher Secondary  in Bunjwah. 

        Bunjwah having a tourist/ picnic spot “Devigoal” is neglected by Tourism Department as till day concerned Department failed in bringing it up under Tourism sector and failed in construction of tourist huts at Devigoal Patnazi .

         Beside all these “Agriculture and Horticulture” department is defunct in Bunjwah as no such awareness functions are organised to aware public about farming and grafting as more than 85 % people are dependant on Agriculture and Horticulture.

        Not only these Animal and Sheep husbandry department is unknown to people of Bunjwah as no vaccination and awareness camp was organized by both departments since long.

          It is important to mention that All the Central , State sponsored schemes had failed as no improvement came to be seen on ground , showing the failure of State Government in Bunjwah . 

        Beside these all there are hundreds other grievances that are genuine and need early redressal at peak so as public shall take sigh of relief and avail benefits of Government schemes.

             It is important to mention that 13 km Dunadi Bunjwah road was under JKPCC from 2009 for its widening and upgraditation as concerned agency failed in its maintenance. Few months ago the same road on the direction of Hon’ble Minister Mr Nayeem Akther was handed to R&B for its maintenance as till day no improvement came to be seen. The rest KewaPull Kither road is under PMGSY from few decades but the concerned agencies failed in removing slides and stones from road and failed in macdemization as crores of rupees are withdrawn on name of said road. 

      Beside this, a month  ago I personally took the matter of road with Hon’ble Minister for Public Works Department Mr Naeem Akther on WhatsApp by updating live pics and videos of worse condition of road , Hon’ble Minister replying told that I shall maintain Dunadi Bunjwah KewaPull Kither road on peak , “Hon’ble Minister replying on WhatsApp”. 

        But unfortunatly till day no solid steps were in  taken in macdemization and maintenance of road as no one pays his intrest toward Bunjwah. 

       Demanding the personal intervention of J&K Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti , Dy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh , PWD Minister Naeem Akther and MoS Sunil Sharma to personally intervence over these matter on behalf of humanity to solve the problem of poor masses living in Bunjwah and direct concerned department to reach out the suffering of poor masses at an earliest so as public of Bunjwah shall take sigh of relief.

          (The author is State Secretary All India Reporter’s Association J&K / State Media Director WorldAid Organisation for Human Rights / Member Delhi Crime Press and International Human Rights Crime Control Organisation  Jammu and Kashmir and can be reached at  rajashafqatsheikh@gmail.com,  09419974577, 09018920786 .