​No need to use midnight oil to get seat in IAS/KAS cadre

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By Fast Kashmir on 04/11/2017.

By, Shah Mubashir 

Recently uploaded viral vedio regarding appointment of three directors/ bureaucrats creats havoc among the youths regarding such appointments.  As the people of Kashmir especially young generation have earlier given vote in favour of the  present government in response to the wrong policies of previous government .

So young generation were having lot of expectations from present govt regarding backdoor entries but people feel that there is difference of name between political parties policies are same. 


Most of the parents are nowadays suggesting their children not to use midnight oil to crack IAS r Kas 

But simply to become a puppet of political leader to get a big post.

Common people are expecting a lot from present government regarding backdoor entries as till date  as only three officers got nominated/ visible via social networking but having confusion that there may b a lot of illegal elevations in middle rung administration.
When govt will initiate action against such officials  as people are waiting for justice.
Shah mubashir