​Transparency: Still a Dream in bureaucracy in J & K

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By Fast Kashmir on 04/11/2017.

​Transparency: Still a Dream in bureaucracy in J & K

When government will take action against three  simulation directors/ Bureaucrats ?

 As people are waiting for justice……..!
By Azad Hussain
Bureaucracy is often referred to as the steering- wheel of a state. Aspirants belonging to different strata of society are vastly eager for becoming civil servants. They pledge their future to serve the nation and go through a complex process of competitive examinations. Most of the candidates especially from middle class and rural areas have damn passions to seize a hectic career in civil services. They opt out other professional fields and choose to become civil servants. The reason is obvious, the candidates mostly from rural areas stumble financially. Due to lacks in enough resources their desire to acquire quality education put to rest. The field of specialization appear ill-affordable to most of the financially-hit students. Thereupon, at this age of specialization only the left overs go for civil services which is a bit cheaper to pursue.
Prior to exams the well-committed aspirants throughout their preparation burn the midnight oil. The competent candidates let slip no chance to pulling down their competitors and try to work hard to excel.

Generally, such ambition within candidate’s ranks is of course, a good step towards evolving an environment of tough competition. But alas! Some sort of certain mishaps in the system are eroding the charms of actual competition from competitive examinations. Every now and then, the rough recruiting system demotivate and discourage the talented aspirants. Our competitive examinations are more prone to unsystematic gestures that beset with nepotism, favoritism and corruption. At end of the day all desires of the deserving candidates go in utter peril. This endless irregularities and discrepancies done by the officials of different public service commission will beget inevitable ruins to the careers of hundreds of candidates, who are the hopes of their aging parents.

Few days ago, a report broadcasted on GULISTAN NEWS goes viral  regarding appointment of three directors/ bureaucrats (Peer Suhail,Iqbal Lone and kehkishaan Anjum) creats havoc among the youths regarding such appointments.  As the people of Kashmir especially young generation have earlier given vote in favour of the  present government in response to the wrong policies of previous government .
Question is echoing in the minds of  competent aspirants that when present  gvovernment will take action against these three  directors?

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Azad Hussain  is a freelance correspondent at GNN, blogger and writes about public grievance from Kupwara