​”WalaaTafarraqu” , the true  message of Urs Shah Asrar-ud-Din RA,

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By Fast Kashmir on 10/11/2017.

“Maintain harmony within and with all”

        The Shah Fareed-ud-Din  RA and  Shah Asrar-ud-Din RA were from Shaafi  School of thought but during their preaching of Islam in chenab ,the Sufis  never forced Ahnaaf to fallow thier mindset which is an exemplary act of assimilating all deeds(Sunnah) of Prophet Mohammad SAW into one fold says Dr Khalid Malik chairman AIMPB (J) Chenab and a scholar of Islamic studies.

         In a statement  issued to press, Dr Malik reminded the people of  Chenab about the arrival of Shah Fareed-ud-Din RA  in kishtwar and how the Rajput princelet of kishtwar embraced Islam willfully  and affectionately. The Sufi  saint was alone and the powerful and militarily equipped Rajas of  kishtwar princely state  became Raja  Mohammad Teg  Singh and Sadatyaar  Khan  (from Kirath Singh)miraculously by overwhelming divinity and spiritual preponderance  of Sufis of kishtwar.

Dr Khalid further maintained that the Sufis of kishtwar maintained brotherhood among all schools of thought with in Islam and with other religious ideologies as well which actually maintained harmony within and with all.

           Dr Malik has appealed all the Islamic schools of thought to come  under the commandments  of Allah (Quraan) & Muhammad SAW (Sunnah) and fallow the real message of Shah Asrar-ud-Din RA  I.e. “Walaatafarraqu” which is the need of the times when Muslims are facing so many things in the globe.