101 birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi

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By Fast Kashmir on 19/11/2017.

101 birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi

Congress pays tributes to former PM, recalls her sacrifices


Srinagar Nov 19: Congress paid tributes to Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on her 101 Birth Anniversary at Congress Party Headquarters in Srinagar today. The Party Leaders and workers in meeting held recalled the sacrifices and selfless services rendered by the Former Prime Minister to the Nation. The leaders also hailed the great contributions of Former Prime Minister in Nation building and empowerment of people from grass roots level.
Paying tributes to Indira Gandhi on her 101, the Party leaders while addressing the meeting described Indira Gandhi as a great and strong lady, who never compromised on the safety and security of the nation. The Former Prime Minister continued to remain committed to empowerment of people from grass roots level and did her utmost to make the Nation as one of the super powers of the world.
They said Indira was known as the Iron lady of India. She lives in the hearts of millions of Indians. “Because of her socialistic approach to run the economy of the country, the departed leader remains a reformist icon. She has been described as the ‘Indira Amma or Mother Indira’ and is one of the most popular and influential world leader of the last century,” they added.
“Indira Gandhi promoted the views of her father Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru to establish India’s stability and security interests as independent from those of the nuclear super powers and announced to the world that India would use the nuclear energy for the development of industry and scientific purposes,” the statement added.
They added that Indira was herself a guarantee to secular fabric of the Country and remained committed to maintain harmony, unity and peace in the Country, she even sacrificed her life for the Country, her sacrifices will continue to lead all the country men at the path of harmony, unity and peace.
They best way to pay homage to departed leader is to work for peace, harmony safeguarding secular fabric and unity in the Country, they emphasized.
Among other who addressed the meeting included Spokesperson Farooq Andrabi, Gulam Nabi Mir Lasjan, Abdul Gani Khan, Mohd Sultan, Irfan Naqib, Shameema Raina, Imtiyaz Ahmad Khan, Mushtaq Bazaz, Amir Rasool, Gulsher Khan, Mir Rovais, Maroof Wani, Gulam Nabi Mir, Surjeet Singh, Saira, Waseem Shalla, Mohd Hussain Wada and others. (KNS)