Bhat pitches for weeding out corruption from society

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By Fast Kashmir on 17/11/2017.

Bhat pitches for weeding out corruption from society

Jammu, Nov 17: Stating that corruption undermines justice, mars values and merit, Peoples Democratic Party General Secretary Nizamuddin Bhat has sought public support through committed campaign to weed out the menace from society and the system.

   Interacting with party workers, Bhat said it is because of the corruption that social ethos built on morality and ethics is coming under stress and institutions established for public service do not yield desired results.

    He said PDP should seek public support enabling Government to establish a judicious system and ensure harmonious growth and development   commensurate to resources used and efforts put in.

   Bhat said Jammu Kashmir state has tremendously suffered due to unending menace of corruption and evil of disharmony despite Government’s resolve to free the system and institutions from any corrupt practices and unjust handling.  He said that the deep rooted disease is now shaking the faith of upcoming generation in the public institutions which can wreak havoc to system and society, if not addressed in right earnest.

    Bhat said that over the years Government strengthened various organs like Vigilance Organization, Vigilance and Accountability Commissions, besides an empowered judiciary and Grievance Redressal cells with an avowed objective to ensure justice and fair play in public dealings.  However, public perception still continues to be of cynical. This warrants an added effort on the part of Government in the direction of instilling faith and confidence among masses in General and youth, in particular so that they are made the real stake holders of a value based society and a just order.

   Bhat said while it is humanely impossible to throw up an ideal system where there can be no errors or omissions , he said it is practicable that system functions without duress, fear or favour and that the institutions of public service maintain obvious standards of honesty and probity.

    He said society as a whole needs to rise to the occasion and contribute towards this pious goal.

   He said that it is unfortunate that society , social organizations, political parties and dispensations are not in harmony and mostly pull in different directions even on issues of common interest, ironically  lending space to negative trends and a loose system. Bhat said that it is in the interest of all that institutions neither are nor bereft of values and society is not allowed to be rendered shallow. Everyone has a role to play,” Bhat said.  (CNS)