CM’s reach out programme brings relief to people: Bhat

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By Fast Kashmir on 26/11/2017.

Nasir khuehami 

Srinagar, Nov 26: Hailing the outreach mission of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, PDP on Sunday said that people should benefit from this exercise and strengthen the process through positive engagement. 



PDP General Secretary Nizam-ud-din Bhat said since the mission is being carried out by CM in most transparent, dedicated and honest manner, any attempt from adversaries to politicise it will not have any impact.  


Bhat said various districts covered by the Chief Minister under this programme so far have brought immense relief to people with administration getting closer to them for prompt and on spot resolution of issues and appropriate projection of the people’s needs.


“The opposition propaganda is nailed by the results obvious on the ground,” he said adding that the inputs received show that ongoing projects are getting fillip to be completed on time and utilization of funds come under direct surveillance and public debate which will help overcome lapses in the delivery system.


He said hundreds of people who had little or no access to get relief and redressal compliment Chief Minister for her reach out.


Referring to criticism of some sections from opposition parties, Bhat said they are deliberately trying to draw lines to stall development and undermine significant factors in good governance.


He said these elements have miserably failed to fish in troubled waters with malicious intention to destabilize the government and have even not lagged behind to be part of disruption.


Bhat said that Chief Minister will continue to serve masses and will use all her wisdom and energy to get relief to people in tune with her struggle and commitments.


He said that it is her desire to see that engagement of people, in general, strengthen their faith in the system and with their involvement in functions of it the state is pulled out of traditional slug and pilferage.


Bhat said that Chief Minister is devising a mechanism to further the cause of justice and fair play through sustainable redressal mechanism and prompt and responsive administrative structure under her leadership and control.


He said years have passed that many projects of public importance did not hit the timeline and curtailed pace of development. “Her intervention is getting things moved,” he said while hoping that in her desire to see that possible benefit and relief to accrue from resource and system reaches its rightful owners.


He hoped that ahead of her visit to other remaining districts people will be more aware to dismiss disruptive designs of her adversaries and in their own wisdom will keep faith in her intent and sincere act.


He said given the success of the mission, there will be efforts towards closer contacts through institutionalization of healthy experiences.