Conference on Communal harmony organized, 6000+ People participated, hailed Anjuman Ittihadul Muslimeen (AIM).

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By Fast Kashmir on 18/11/2017.

Poonch, J&K witnessed history.

November 18: Poonch has sent a message of brotherhood and communal harmony not only with in the country but across the Redcliffe line too, Under the banner of Anjuman Ittihadul Muslimeen (AIM) various youth of Poonch has organized a national level conference with the title as Shaheed-e-Insaniyat Conference.
This was first ever attempt in this part of the country where focused was to bring all people from different sects and beliefs at one platform irrespective of their basic and fundamental differences.
The basic motive of this conference was to give breathing space to those who are having ideological differences but still part of same culture and tradition. 
It was forced upon all that, let’s accept each other along with their beliefs and thoughts and we all should tolerate each other.
It is pertinent to mention here that, this conference was attented by more than 6000 people from different walks of life and it was the blessings in disguise that prominent religious figures of almost all beliefs delivered their sermons in this conference.
The Significant and notable keynote speakers were President National Sadhu Samiti and Mahant Kalki Dhaam Mandir Acharya Pramod Krishnam Ji Maharaj, Vice President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board Maulana Syed Qalab-e-Saadiq. President National Milli Council and Member All India Muslim Personal Law Board Kamal Farooqui, Representative from Dargah Ajmer Shareef Maulana Mukhtar Ashraf, Mahant Manjit Singh Ji, Director Himalayan Education Mission Farooq Muztar, Convener All India Ittihad Millat Meraj Haider.
Speaking on the occasion, Kamal Farooqui said that, Education is the remedy of all evils and we can integrate all by means of education. He also impressed upon all that, those focusing Education will never think of harming other and it will spread message of unification among different communities.
Lauding the organizers, Maulana Qalab-e-Sadiq said that, Karbala is a lesson for entire humanity and it gives a message of saving humanity by sacrificing one’s own life. He also said that, this attempt of organizing such an important and requisite conference by few youngsters will be remembered with golden words in history.
Speaking in his own Unique style, Acharya Pramod Karishnam said, in the backdrop of the political situation of entire globe, this conference holds immense value and it’s the need of the hour to organize such conference from time to time to defeat radical and orthodox voices.
He also said that, Our country is having no danger from our neighbors but from internal divisive forces and that’s needs to be checked well in time.
He also recite his poetry with his melodious voice and enthralled the thousands of the audience. He also said that, Govt. needs to focus on the core issues and must avoid baseless and worthless issues like Ghar Wapsi and Triple Talaq.
He also said that, untill youngsters like Kamal Farooqui, Asif Mir and Liaqat Jafri are there, no one can destroy the social fabric of this country which is exclusively secular in nature.
While delivering his presidential address, noted Educationist, Farooq Muztar acknowledged the role played by Asif Mir and Liaqat Jafri in realising this dream project. He said that formation of Anjuman Ittihadul Muslimeen would be a path breaking initiative in the history. He said, this conference has sent a message to all those trying hard to divide people on religious lines that, People of this country are basically peace loving in nature and they wants to live in social and communal harmony.
It’s important to mention the names of those individuals who have contributed hard in making this conference a huge success and it includes Khalid Mir, Maqbool Quli, Mashooq Hussain, Mohtashim Ehtesham, Zamurd Mughal, Qasim Ali, Abbas Mosvi,Imtiaz Mir, Sabar Husain, Pir Anayat, Adv Iftikhar Bazmi, Syed Ashiq Husain, Ayaz Wani, Khalil A Banday, Tanveer Banday,Rustam Wani and Waheed Banday.
Apart from noted speakers from across the country, various other speakers also delivered their apeeches including Maulana Sayeed A Habib, Maulana Shehzad Anwari, Sardar Narinder Singh, Alhaaj Aashiq Khan, SSP Poonch Rajiv Pandey, ADC Dr Bisharat and Commander 93 Infantry Brigade AS Pandherkar.