Death penalty to six Jamat-e-Islami leaders in Bangaldesh:

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By Fast Kashmir on 24/11/2017.

Death penalty to six Jamat-e-Islami leaders in Bangaldesh:

Geelani expresses shock

Srinagar, Nov 24: Syed Ali Geelani expressed his deep shock and concern over Bangladesh’s Supreme Court verdict for death penalty to six Jamat-e-Islami leaders, saying “Bangladesh government has invited the wrath of Allah by killing the innocent Muslim scholars and intellectuals. Friday Geelani said that since the influence of India has been established in Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina is killing Islamists and intellectuals in a well thought out plan and added that Bangladesh Prime Minister has been dancing on the tunes of India to appease them and has been targeting the eminent Muslim religious leaders by implicating and executing them.

It is murder of justice, said Geelani and added that it will have serious consequences on Bangladesh. It is moral responsibility for Pakistan to play an effective role as they are being sentenced to death just because they did not favour the division of Pakistan in 1971, said Geelani.

Syed Ali Geelani lamented all ruling elite in Muslim world, saying that they are on war path against Muslim scholars and religious organisations, however despite facing tyrant and brute forces they are moving ahead.

They are writing a history with their blood and illustrating that no power on earth can stop them while serving interests of Islam, said Geelani.

Strongly criticising Europe, America and Israel, Geelani said that they in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan Egypt, Chechenia, Burma and Palestine are providing every help to their puppets against Islamist forces and blamed India for its deceitful political activities in Bangladesh.

Denouncing Bangladesh government and while refuting the allegations levelled against Jamat Leaders in Bangladesh, Geelani said that these allegations are baseless and concocted.

Geelani warned Bangladesh government of dire consequences, saying that such brute behaviour can destabilize country and create uncertainty in the region.

Appealing international organisations for human rights, Geelani impressed upon the world human rights bodies to take concrete steps against the tyrant Sheikh Hasina government to halt the hanging and uphold its commitments with world community. (CNS)