Disallowing Friday prayers at Jamia ‘expression of frustration’: Mirwaiz

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By Fast Kashmir on 03/11/2017.

Srinagar, Nov 03: Terming the repeated restrictions in the entire downtown and not allowing the Friday prayers at the historic Jama Masjid Srinagar as the expression of frustration and dictatorial attitude of the rulers the Chairman APHC Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said they would be mistaken if they think that we would be deterred and would give up our just struggle by using these means of suppression against us.

After remaining under house confinement and prevented from offering Friday prayers for past five consecutive weeks Mirwaiz Umar Farooq was addressing the Friday congregation at Jama Masjid Srinagar. He said the pulpit of Jama Masjid has always been representing the political and socio-religious sentiments and aspirations of the Kashmiris and it will continue, in spite of restrictions, till the Kashmir issue is resolved in accordance wishes and aspirations of the people of Kashmir.

He said Jammu Kashmir has practically been converted into a police state and the voice of people is being strangulated by the use of force and repression. Besides the youth are pushed to the wall and the genuine activities of political leadership are not allowed by their repeated house confinement or arrests. He said, however, these tactics are not going to make us cow-down.

Mirwaiz said as per the media reports the ruling regime is hell-bent upon to open a liquor shop at the Sheikh-ul-Alam (RA) airport Srinagar on the pretext of promoting tourism, adding that the government has under this pretext already allowed opening liquor and wine shops anywhere in Kashmir which is not only unislamic but has a potential of spreading many social evils in the society.

Mirwaiz said that under the patronage of government, a big liquor shop is already functional at Sonwar in front of the children hospital, which is of serious concern.
Mirwaiz cautioned the government against the evil consequences of such acts having disastrous effects on the society and in case any such decision is taken it will be opposed tooth and nail by the people of Kashmir.