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By Fast Kashmir on 03/11/2017.

Ganderbal Sports Festival Match updates 

By: Hadi Hidayat 

Ganderbal, Nov 03: In the ongoing Sports Festival being organised by The Jammu and Kashmir Police district Ganderbal, at Sainik School Manasbal and Govt. College of Physical Education premises, matches were conducted in four disciplines and the results obtained for the day are as under. 

In football three matches were played. 

1. FC Kangan v/s FC Arampora 

Result FC Arampora won the match in Penalty shootout by 7-5

2. FC Soccor Star v/s FC Chekpora  

Result: FC Soccor Star won by 2 Goals to Nil

3. FC Lar v/s FC Rahimia 

Result: FC Lar won by 2:1

In Volleyball four matches were played. 

1. VB Nagbal V/S Pathan Worriors 

Result: Pathan Warriors won by 2:0

2. VB College Guys Kachan V/S VB Club Pandach 

Result: College Guys Kachan qualified for quarter final via W/O

3. VB Club Dreamland v/s VB Club Arch

Result: VB Club Dreamland won by 2:0

4. Maqsood Club Kurhama  v/s  VB Club Kangan. 

Result: Maqsood Club won in straight sets by 2:0.