JCPS reacts to KTMF’s remarks on tuition fee

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By Fast Kashmir on 23/11/2017.

JCPS reacts to KTMF’s remarks on tuition fee


‘Schools charge fee as per standard, parents have choice to send wards to any school’

Srinagar, Nov 23: Reacting sharply to the statement of the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF), Joint Committee of Private Schools (JCPS) said private schools never fleece parents in the name of school fee and admissions but rather provide quality education in a better environment with world class infrastructure.
In a statement, Chairman JCPS Showkat Mohammad Chowdhary said private schools are investing heavily on the education of the school children by providing state of art infrastructure, competent teachers, extra-circular activities to bring up the children’s overall personality so that she or she competes at state and national level.

He said there are over 3500 private schools in the Valley catering to over 7.5 lakh students and provide employment to over 80,000 teachers. These schools have different fee structures with the tuition free ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 2500 per month.
Chowdhary said the fee is charged as per the standard of the school and the quality of the education and infrastructure provided to the students.

“It is the choice of the parents to send the students to any of these schools depending upon their capacity. We don’t force parents to get their wards admitted in our schools. They first get reviews, feedback and also checks themselves the infrastructure set up. Only then they chose the school of their liking. They are informed about the fee before they admit their wards,” said Chowdhary.
He also said that even Government schools which have highly qualified teachers provide free education and books besides mid-day meals to the students.

“If parents don’t want to spend money on their children, they can send them to government schools. Who has stopped them from choosing a particular school? Despite free education at government schools where teachers have highest salaries, their popularity is only decreasing day by day. Our result are far better than government schools,” said Chowdhary.
The increasing number of parents sending their wards to the private schools speaks about quality of education they provide.
JCPS further said traders should take care of their business interest and not indulge into school education which they have no knowledge of how the schools run.

“Private schools owners know how to run the school and get best out of the students so that the students become ambassador not only of the school but the whole Valley when he shines outside the state. If we don’t provide better education to our students and develop their overall personality, we can’t think of better society or the state won’t prosper in the absence of quality education system,” said Chowdhary.

He said traders have been chosen for bettering the economic activities and urged them to let the private schools run the education system.
Chairman JCPS also said that the private schools in Kashmir charge lesser tuition fee than their counterparts in neighbouring states. (KNS)