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By Fast Kashmir on 06/11/2017.

Massacre of more than three hundred thousand Muslims at Jammu on 6th November 1947, the blackest day of human history //Muhammad Yasin Malik


Srinagar, Nov 06:  Massacre of more than three hundred thousand Muslims at Jammu on 6th November 1947 is the blackest day of human history. PDP led regime facilitating RSS fascist mindset in Jammu, Pirpanjal and Chenab valley. 


This was stated by the chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasi Malik while recalling the sacrifices rendered by Muslims of Jammu in 1947. 

JKLF chairman said that 6th of November 1947 represents a blackest day of human history when Lakh’s of Jammu Muslims, driven out of their homes were butchered by communal fascist forces patronized by rulers of that time.

 Jammu massacre in 1947 reminds us the brutal and criminal face of Hindu fascism and the criminal silence of international community on these kinds of massacres exposes the duplicity and double standards of it, asserted Yasin Malik.

 JKLF chairman said that the people who were massacred at Jammu in 1947 stood for the freedom of Jammu Kashmir and by killing more than three hundred thousand of them brutally, fascist forces changed the demography of Jammu region completely. 

He said that when all this was happening in Jammu, Kashmiri Muslims stood for communal harmony as taught by their religion Islam, and despite provocations safeguarded their non Muslim brethren living in Kashmir. 

Terming the sacrifices of Jammu Muslims for freedom of Jammu Kashmir as a glorious page of resistance against oppression, JKLF chairman said that no one can forget these sacrifices and we today pledge to take forward the mission left behind t these great martyrs. 

 Terming the recent demonstration of force by RSS in Chenab valley and Pirpanjal as an act of  bullying Muslims living in these areas, He said that after assuming power in Jammu Kashmir PDP/BJP coalition have actually given a free hand to the same mindset that was responsible for Jammu like massacres in 1947. 

Today Jammu, Doda, Baderwah, Kishtwar, Rajouri, Poonch ,Ladakh and even Kashmir is being polluted by this mindset and so-called rulers for their lust of power are ready to obey every order of Nagpur to  fulfill its ugly agenda on Jammu Kashmir. 

Yasin Malik said that people of Jammu Kashmir cannot forget the sacrifices rendered by Jammu Muslims and today when we recall their sacrifices, we pray to Allah almighty to fulfill their dreams and bestow us with liberty and freedom.