Learn lessons from Majid Khan’s Ghar Wapsi Er. Rasheed to govt.

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By Fast Kashmir on 18/11/2017.

Srinagar, Nov 18: learn lessons from Majid Khan’s returning home , AIP Supremo and MLA Langate said that the incident has proven yet again that no one takes to arms by the consent of his parents. In a statement issued today Er. Rasheed said” The concern shown by Majid’s family and the response given by Lashkar-e-Toiba deserve appreciation. It is evident that no parent willingly wants his beloved one to join Militancy and it is either atrocities of forces or the strong conviction that makes someone to join the militant ranks. The incident has proved that security agencies especially police has no moral or legal authority to harass the families of militants or damage their properties. The response to Majid’s parents appeal by the militant outfit by allowing Majid to go back to his family has proved that militants too do not force anyone to join their ranks and it is choice of an individual, which needs to be respected under all circumstances” Er. Rasheed appealed govt. , it’s security agencies and the National media not to try to politicize Majid’s return and mist rather focus on the positive aspects of the incident. Er. Rasheed added that in light of the said incident it is again mandatory for the police force to allow families of militants live a respectable and peaceful life, so that a confrontation between the militants and the police force doesn’t reach a stage where both do indulge in humiliating each other’s families or vandalize their properties