On JRL call, JKLF leaders and activists hold protest at Lal Chowk

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By Fast Kashmir on 24/11/2017.

Protest held against atrocities in south and north of Kashmir and in solidarity with ailing inmates including Syed Shabir Shah, Asiya Inderabi ,Pir Saifullah and Farooq Ahmad Dar (Bitta Karate)


Srinagar, 24th Nov:  atrocities and military oppression in southern and northern districts of Kashmir valley are a new phase of Hitlerism unleashed by occupation forces. People who are dreaming of defeating Kashmiri resistance by putting thousands of young and old in jails are living in fool’s Paradise.


This was stated by the leaders of JKLF during a protest program held at Lal Chowk today. Prior to this, on JRL call, JKLF leaders and activists including Noor Mohammad Kawal, Siraj Ud Din Mir, Muhammad Sadiq Shah, Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri,Sheikh Abdul Rashid Professor Javid, Ashraf Bin Salam, Muhmad Hanif Dar Shahid Makhi along with people from other walks of life gathered at Miasma Lal Chowk today.

Displaying placards depicting slogans against atrocities and ill treatment of prisoners, the participants of this protest marched towords Budshah Chowk Lal Chowk and sat on a protest sit- in there. The protest was addressed by various JKLF leaders. While terming the ongoing oppression as worst form of Hitlerism, JKLF leaders said that Kashmiris were protesting against military, Police and forces oppression that has been unleashed in north and south of Kashmir valley.

Speaker’s said that the protest was also intended to wake up sleeping conscience of international community that is maintaining a silence over the atrocities being committed on Kashmiri inmates. Leaders said that in southern and northern districts of Kashmir valley, crackdowns, killings, arresting people, humiliating mothers and fathers, vandalizing properties, arresting fathers in place of their sons and brothers in place of their brothers and other atrocities have become a common practice of occupation forces.

More over thousands of young and old and even woman have been put in jails and many of these are facing grave health problems. Speakers said that kashmiri leaders Syed Shabir Ahmad Shah,Pir Saifulllah and Farooq Ahmad Dar are seriously ill in Tihar Jail while as Syeda Asiya Inderabi is also ill in Srinagar central jail and these people are not even being provide the required medical facilities .

Speakers said that all this inhuman behavior is being displayed in the name of so-called biggest democracy, which is highly condemnable. They said that Indians are actually committing these atrocities to suppress Kashmiri resistance but Indians leaders and their Kashmiri stooges are unaware of the reality that suppressing people’s resistance by military might is never possible.

While condemning the arrest of two students from Baba shah Ghulam Shah Badshah University Rajouri and slapping PSA on a young boy in south Kashmir, JKLF leaders said that these inhuman acts actually provide a glaring example of India oppression in Kashmir. Speakers said that tyranny and oppression are bound to taste defeat as last victory always belong to the oppressed and today Kashmiris want to convey to India and its Kashmiri stooges that do whatever you can but Kashmiris will continue their freedom struggle at every cost. Insha Allah