Performance not seniority should be yard stick for promoting teachers. Er Rasheed

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By Fast Kashmir on 28/11/2017.

Welcomed Govt.’s interest to improve quality education

Srinagar 28 Nov. Appreciating Govt.’s. Concern to improve quality education in Govt. schools, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed has said that recent directives passed by education department seeking action against teachers who performed below standard is a welcome step, however the proposal to post the teachers showing poor performance to remote areas like Keran, Karnah and Machil has exposed the truth that Govt.has never been sincere to the people of remote areas. Er. Rasheed said“Transferring dull performing teachers to remote areas and projecting the decision as a punishment to them is ample proof to realize that Govt. does not want good teachers to post in these remote areas, who otherwise deserve and require more attention than cities, towns and well connected villages. If Govt.

wants education standards to improve and teachers to perform well, the promotion of teachers should be made on the basis of their performance and their posting in any case should not be seen or made like a punishment.

The performance should be the only criteria to elevate teachers and their length of servicing should not be the criteria for their promotion. If Govt. truly wants bad performing teachers to take them to task, their postings should never ever be seen or related to their performance.

By posting poor performing teachers it goes the impression that remove areas don’t deserve or require good teachers”. Er. Rasheed added while performance not seniority should be the yard stick for promotions for all Govt. employees, the education sector needs to be reformed on the basis of performance of teachers.

However Govt. must also provide adequate staff in schools, proper facilities and excellent infrastructure before holding teachers accountable. Er. Rasheed appealed teacher community to offer their co-operation to the Govt. for improving the overall performance of teachers but added that Govt. needs to keep the education sector on top most priority to ensure that state competes to the best possible extent.