Politically Influential: ‘Illegally’ appointed candidate in SPCB eyeing promotion

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By Fast Kashmir on 11/11/2017.

Politically Influential: ‘Illegally’ appointed candidate in SPCB eyeing promotion

Srinagar, Nov 11: State Pollution Control Board has flouted all the norms by appointing a non-deserving candidate as a Scientist-C. The deserving candidate for the post was shown the door as the influential candidate enjoys the patronage of some political leaders belonging to ruling dispensation.

Reliable sources informed news agency CNS that a junior blue-eyed Scientist, enjoying the support of a Minister after getting illegally appointed in SPCB is now eyeing top post, given the fact that the candidate is not fulfilling the requisite eligibility criteria in respect of the prescribed qualification in accordance with the eligibility laid down in the Rules OF CPCB/SPCBs in absence of the Rules of the Board, as per the Government order vide number 55-fst OF 2009 dated 29-01-2009.

Sources added that said candidate who is politically influential does not fulfil the eligibility criteria as advertised by the Board. Sources added that the said candidate managed her recruitment in the Department for the Post of Scientist-B on the basis of extraneous considerations.

Sources within Pollution Control Board revealed that the junior scientist-B, whose name figures two three spots down in the seniority list is lobbying with political corridors for her out of turn promotion.
“This junior scientist is enjoying the patronage of a Cabinet Minister,” sources claimed.
“Actually her qualification goes beyond the advertise notice. Only those candidates having MSc Chemistry or Environmental Science degrees were qualifying for applying the post.

“This is totally injustice towards the one who deserved this post. Interestingly, the deserved candidate was ignored and influential candidate was preferred due to her close connections with a ruling party Minister,” said an employee at State Pollution Control Board on condition of anonymity.

He added that if government will initiate the probe, people with nefarious designs will be exposed. “All is not well in State Pollution Control Board,” the employee added. (CNS)