Son come back home:  Father posts a chilling message for his militant son

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By Fast Kashmir on 24/11/2017.

Son come back home:  Father posts a chilling message for his militant son

Neyaz Elahi 

Kulgam, Nov 24: A heartfelt message from the father of an alleged militant from South Kashmir have emerged on social networking site facebook, that can send chill down the spine of every parent.

    Sixteen year old Muhammad Farhan a resident of Wanigund Khudwani village of Kulgam district left his home in July this year to attend his physics coaching class in Anantnag and never returned his home.

    Family came to know after few days that Farhan has joined militant ranks.

    The family saw a ray of hope after footballer Majid Khan from Anantnag and Naseer Ahmed from Chimar Kulgam returned to their families.

    His father has taken to facebook to convey a message to Farhan.

   Ghulam Muhammad Wani, his father while addressing his militant son writes: “My dear son, since you left us my body has started to betray me. I am screaming of the pain which you have given and still believe that you will come back home from the day you left home to your school.”

     “I can’ explain how much I miss your smiling face, it had almost been six months, there is not a minute that goes by that I don’t think about you. I hope you are OK. I hope you are well. I am your father and if I do not tell you this, no one else will. Don’t bear grudge towards those who are not good to you. No one in this world is going to treat you well except your father and mother.”

     “I am sorry that I am going to die. I don’t want to die but am not left with any choice. I am sorry. You will have a lot to learn but I will not be there to teach you, to scold you, to help you.”

    “About your mother, she loves you more than anybody else in this world. She didn’t mind going through the pain of giving you birth because somebody told her that you will be there to lift her coffin on her death.”

   “Dear son, we request you to come back and start again and we will help you in every manner otherwise the path which you have chosen will not lead you to anywhere other than pain, stress and betrayal and may be the time will come that you come back and never see us again.”

    “Be you sister, your brother and every relative, all are missing you badly and are eagerly waiting to see you again.”

    The father has laid thrust on his concluding sentence by making a repletion of same alphabets saying, ‘come back, we are missing you.     

Talking to this reporter, Gowhara, the mother of the alleged militant said that she is engulfed by frustration and stress and has developed so many ailments from the day Farhan left her.

“Please convey my message to him and tell him, his mother is waiting for him.”  (CNS)