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By Fast Kashmir on 11/11/2017.


Says strong will, sincerity must for a breakthrough

Budgam, Nov 11: Chairman of People’s Democratic Front (PDF) and MLA Khansahib, Hakeem Muhammad Yaseen Saturday asked the Center to come up with a pragmatic road map for making the dialogue on Kashmir imbroglio as credible and meaningful exercise.

According to the statement issued to KNS, he said that throwing Kashmir dialogue open for every Tom ,Dick and Harry would serve no purpose unless all the genuine stake holders including Hurriyat leaders and Pakistan are not roped in the process. “Otherwise, the whole dialogue process would be, as usual, a futile exercise,” Hakeem observed.
Speaking at the one day convention of PDF workers at Kralnewa, Khansahib, Hakeem said that the central leadership should abstain from issuing controversial and inflammatory statements on this crucial juncture as it would only jeopardize the proposed dialogue initiated by the present interlocutor on Kashmir.

He said Kashmir issue was no longer a a law and order problem but has wide political and administrative dimensions which ought to addressed amicably as per the urges and aspirations of the people.
He asked the central leadership to shun its usual myopic and rigid stand viz-a-viz Kashmir to make any head way for a serious debate on the issue by the all stakeholders. “Talking with every Tom, Dick and Harry for so called dialogue on Kashmir issue will serve no purpose,” he said.

Hakeem maintained while urging the centre to announce Confidence Building Measures (CBM) also to make the proposed dialogue process broad based and result oriented.
He said so for no whole hearted and serious effort has been made by the centre to address the burning Kashmir problem adding that even former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpai did not present any clear cut road map for Kashmir resolution, though he was able to ease tense relations at that time with the neighboring country Pakistan to some extent.

Hakeem said Center should involve all the genuine stake holders including Hurriyat leaders and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir conflict once for all as the prevailing animosity, over Kashmir dispute, has been eating vitals of the common people of both the neighboring countries. “It was due to this animosity that the entire region had to face horrors of war three times,” Hakeem said, adding that sooner the Kashmir dispute is resolved amicably, better it would be in the interests of the common people of both neighbouring countries.

He said since both the countries possess nuclear weapons of mass destruction, the entire South Asia is in a potential danger of nuclear war. So there was an urgent need that India and Pakistan should first build trust between themselves and among the stakeholders of Kashmir problem for bringing lasting peace in the region. “In absence of will and sincerity on the part of Central leadership, no breakthrough in the process of dialogue on Kashmir was possible,” Hakeem observed. (KNS)