There is no alternative to plebiscite…Er. Rasheed to Daneshwar Sharma

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By Fast Kashmir on 08/11/2017.

Says it hardly matters who rules the state

Srinagar 08 Nov: While meeting Daneshwar Sharma, the recently appointed interlocutor, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed has appealed New Delhi to give up arrogance and unrealistic attitude and understand that there are no shortcuts to resolve Jammu & Kashmir dispute and the only respectable, dignified and universally accepted way is to give people of Jammu & Kashmir Right to Self Determination on both the sides of LOC. During the meeting Er. Rasheed reiterated that confusion whatsoever lies in New Delhi not among Kashmiris and it is for New Delhi to decide whether it wants to resolve Kashmir dispute once for all for the durable peace and prosperity in the entire subcontinent. Er. Rasheed made it clear to Mr. Sharma that without including all stake holders including Pakistan and militant leadership in the talks nothing can be achieved. Er. Rasheed added that while even kids and eighty years old veterans are being booked under draconian laws, Kashmiris have a right to know why  they were subjected to forced labour for one and a half decade in various parts of the state including Bandipora, Langate,  Kupwara and Uri at the hands of security forces and why do every time those wearing uniform go unpunished who have committed heinous crimes in Jammu & Kashmir. He also said that humiliating Kashmiris, pressurizing them by using NIA and ED as tools to suppress their genuine voices and denying human rights to people of J&K will complicate the problem further. Er. Rasheed asked Daneshwar Sharma “If neither New Delhi wants to implement UN resolution nor is interested in tripartite talks, where does the solution lie. New Delhi must make it public what is the solution it has to offer to the other two parties, if it doesn’t believe in UN resolutions. Seeking plebiscite doesn’t necessarily mean that people of J&K want to be part of Pakistan. If New Delhi sincerely believes people of J&K to be its own people and has made huge investments from 1947 till date for the welfare and prosperity of people of the state, then it must not run away from plebiscite. By doing so resolution of Indian parliament claiming entire J&K to be India’s integral part may also be fulfilled”. Er. Rasheed asked Daneshwar Sharma “Kashmiris are most desperate to establish peace in J&K and want an end to bloodshed but nothing is in their hands. How can Kashmiris be held responsible for violence if seven Lac. Indian troops have not been able to check the alleged infiltration across LOC and if state agencies continue to use disproportionate force and curb peaceful political activities, there has to be an anger and sense of alienation on the ground. Let New Delhi understand that doing every damn and unpleasant thing in the name of curbing militancy and antinational elements and for the sake of  so called national interest is totally unacceptable”. Er. Rasheed also raised a strong objection to involve every Tom Dick and Harry by calling them as so called stake  holders. He said “Let New Delhi restrain from giving J&K dispute a communal color and recognize the fact that there is no alternative to address the sentiments and aspirations of people of J&K. one needs to realize that there are divergent view points in every political dispute and ultimately it is the historic facts, promises and will and wishes of the majority of the population that has to prevail, as such Kashmiris should not be seen as enemies of India. Hence trying to dilute Kashmir issue by making everybody a stake  holder and encouraging a regional, ethnic and communal divide is unacceptable. While majority community has always desired Kashmiri Pandits return to valley, it is a section of Kashmiri Pandits who are not interested in returning back as they are having many vested interested in being called migrants. Govt. of India must also facilitate the honorable return of hundreds of those families who were forced to migrate to Pakistan and Pak in Karnah, Karen, Gurez, Uri, Rajouri, Ponch and other districts. It is unfortunate that nobody speaks for them and whole India is worried about Kashmiri Pandits. The fate of Jail returns is much miserable and the so called rehabilitation policy of ex-militants has proved a disaster”. Er. Rasheed also expressed deep displeasure over harassing the militant families and vandalizing the properties of their families and kiths and kins. He also demanded unconditional release of political prisoners including Masrat Alam, Aasia Indrabi, Qasim Faktoo and many others languished in various jails since long time. Er. Rasheed also made it clear to the interlocutor that people of the state are least bothered who rules the state and said that whether BJP or NC or even Huriyat rules the state it does not make a difference unless Kashmir issue is resolved. He reiterated that people of J&K have not sacrificed for restoration of Autonomy and those talking Autonomy as a permanent solution are living in fool’s paradise. He added if autonomy had been the solution then why it was snatched by New Delhi by gradually making constitutional erosions. Er. Rasheed also conveyed interlocutor that without getting a permanent resolution that must involve militant leadership, Pakistan, political leadership of J&K, and New Delhi no permanent peace can be even dreamed in the region, however to achieve that the main political parties in New Delhi especially BJP and congress have to find a common ground and restrain from using Kashmir issue as a vote bank card