VHP, BJP, RSS faces of ‘terrorism’ in India: DeM

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By Fast Kashmir on 05/11/2017.

VHP, BJP, RSS faces of ‘terrorism’ in India: DeM


Kashmiris don’t fear Togadia or any other fascist like him’

Srinagar, Nov 05: Terming the Hindu right-wing parties including the VHP, Bagrang Dal, RSS, BJP and its other affiliates as ‘faces of terrorism’, Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Sunday said that these organizations always call for and use extreme force and brutalities against the people who stand up against these fascist forces.

According to the statement issued to KNS, “The statement has come in response to the VHP chief, Praveen Togadia’s threatening speech who called for “carpet bombing” of Kashmiris struggling against illegal Indian rule in Kashmir.”
In a statement, DeM general secretary, Nahida Nasreen, said that these organisations always murder the justice system and represent a gory face of oppression. “The organisations want to muzzle every voice by use of extreme force and want to establish the Hindutva culture in India,” she said.

Nasreen said that since Kashmir has been occupied illegally by India since past 70 years, these fascist forces want to spread Hindutva in this Muslim majority state as well. “They want to destroy Muslims in Kashmir and elsewhere. Yesterday’s threat by Togadia isn’t anything new, we have been aware about the sinister designs of such evil forces all along. So be it VHP or any other Hindutva brigade, their aim and policy is same i.e anti-Kashmir and anti-Muslim,” she added.

She further said that since India has been using brute force to muzzle the voices of Kashmiris and continue its occupation, people of Kashmir have been using their own ways and modes of resistance. “Our children throw stones on the brutal forces and how lethal and barbaric is it that a Hindu fascist leader is asking India to carpet bomb these young kids,” she added.

“This wasn’t shocking at all for us as we may have not seen carpet bombing so far but we have seen the raining of pellets on every Kashmiri, we have seen use of chemical weapons against our youth and Mujahideen; we have seen these occupational forces barging into homes and conducting murderous assaults on the inmates. Yesterday’s incident in Khag, Budgam where even an 85-year-old person was beaten to pulp along with his other family members during a nocturnal illegal raid,” she added.

Nasreen said that the use of brute force against innocent civilians is an Indian policy in Kashmir. “ But, Alhamdullilah, despite facing the pellets and getting maimed, killed and blinded, our youth and people have not let this movement down and the struggle against the illegal occupation continues and is much stronger than ever,” she added.

She said that people must know that Kashmiris are facing the toughest time in the history of its resistance against the illegal occupation. “So the whole nation should face this tough situation bravely and with steadfastness. We should also introspect to find out the weaknesses among our ranks and should try to work on those so that we put a brave and a strong front against this brutal occupation and its fascist forces and should only lead our movement towards its logical conclusion in its historical perspective i.e right of self determination in accordance with two nation theory. ,” she added.

Nasreen said that Kashmiris have to be ready for every sacrifice so that this movement reaches its logical conclusion. “InshaAllah, that day is not far that we achieve freedom from India as we have pledged that we won’t stop until the last Indian armed man leaves JK,” she added.

“We don’t fear people like Togadia or someone else. India has been trying to fully integrate Kashmir but has miserably failed. It has used different tactics in the past and is using tactics like NIA,ED raids use of force and implementation of illegal laws, the recent ordinance against people calling for protests etc but like the past, it will fail miserably this time and in the time to come. Kashmiris won’t stop until India leaves Kashmir. This is our final resolve,” she added.

She further said that India has been perpetrating massacres in JK since 1947. “On 6th Nov 1947 only after 9 days of its occupation of JK, more than 3 lakh innocent Muslims were massacred in Jammu. We cannot forget that massacres and numerous others perpetrated across the length and breadth of JK. We will continue our struggle until Kashmiris becomes a part of Pakistan,” she added. (KNS)