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By Fast Kashmir on 03/11/2017.

WhatsApp was reportedly down on Friday.
WhatsApp was reportedly down on Friday.

New Delhi, Nov 3: WhatsApp users in India were not able to send or receive messages for a short while on Friday. The problem came to light after it was raised on Twitter by numerous users. Meanwhile, it is not clear, as of yet, whether the problem is being faced by other parts of the world or not. WhatsApp Web, which uses the phone’s connection, is also down.

Several WhatsApp users took to Twitter on Friday to complain about the problem in the operations of the messaging app. Member of Parliament Anurag Thakur tweeted,”What’s up with @WhatsApp ? #WhatsAppDown #India.”

“First we open WhatsApp, then we open Twitter to know if #whatsappdown is for everyone,” wrote another Twitter user.


“Whatsapp is down, I repeat Whatsapp is down,” tweeted out another user.

Notably, this is not the first time that WhatsApp faced an outage. In May, WhatsApp was down for a few hours in all parts of the world including Malaysia to Spain, Germany and some other European countries. Severely affected countries included Belgium, the Netherlands, and Britain.

Via, India.Com