​Let’s Unite to Save Green Forests In Valley

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By Fast Kashmir on 21/12/2017.

​Let’s Unite to Save Green Forests In Valley

By : Basharat Rashid

Well it is our moral responsibility to take care of our green forests as we are wholly and solely dependent on them. It literally provides us fresh air free from dust, smoke and other wastes. But keeping in view the present scenario , we are not responding well towards the safety of forests as now a days in Kashmir, We have been continuously exploiting our natural resources which may impact our society directly or indirectly in future.

In Kashmir Valley , Forest fires during past few years have already wreak havoc in major parts of the valley. The consequences of such continuous forest fires and wreck less use of trees and other natural resources in the valley would be disastrous in future as number of Trees will go down day by day. To secure the forests from all that messy issues , people in coordination with forest and wildlife employees should work hard unanimously to save these green lash forests mainly at the time when cuttings and sudden forest fire occurs in these forests as Kashmir has witnessed huge loss of green lush in maximum forest covers of North and South Kashmir.

From last few years, more and more attention is being paid in all over the state to save forests on which human existence depends and the maintenance of which is now increasingly being considered as essential for mankind.

Forests have always been of great importance to human beings. With the recent development in valley , people here started to settle in towns and big cities but they still return to the forests to get timber for all the constructions and other purposes.

If we talk about the present scenario , people mainly depend on forests for all the values especially the economic.

Forests provide many important products to human beings such as wood, paper , gum, oils etc. In some societies, forest plants and animals make up a large part of the people’s diet.

Now a days, great expanses of forests have been evidently eliminated because of logging activities, industrial pollution and for mans own selfish needs. Rapid forest destruction in rural areas is often a symptom of social unrest in the region. Large numbers of poor landless families move into the forests and clear the trees in order to grow crops and for other purposes which is the matter of serious concern.

In order to save the forests , We need to generate a massive public awareness and concern on front foot in all the parts of Jammu and Kashmir for our forests. we must restrict the use of wood to an absolute minimum. The awareness programmes should be also organised in all the institutions, schools as well as colleges of our state which will help us to spare these forests to save humans. Plantation drive should always be done to increase the number of tress in our forests.

Recently one of the the senior journalists Rifat Abdullah, had also taken an initiative to save forests and environment, which is really appreciable step and we all should support his mission to save the green forests in the valley.

There is an old kashmiri quote “Ann Pooshi Teli Yeli Wann Pooshi”. We should understand this quote and should also ensure that we are always dependent on forests.

Author is Kashmir based Journalist and can be mailed at [email protected]