By Fast Kashmir on 25/12/2017.

By, Shah Mubashir 

Srinagar, Dec 25: Kashmir valley is known as the natural wonders of earth regarding resorts of health which are the source of inspiration of natural geography. In the valley there are various places and locations of worth attraction which figure on international tourist maps. Among them District Kupwara is one of the noble places.

District Kupwara 2379sq km’s in area sandwiched completely by Himalayan range of coniferous forest hills and mountains, the plane and green coloured agricultural lands.The density planted hills are the sign’s of natural paradise with running waters and water falls but un-naked to the government exposure. 

Who can deny the beauty of lolab valley an about which world famous poet of the east Dr.Iqbal holds a unique deception. The forests cover of this valley with its open edges farms places of tourism. Some of the tourism sites are Chandigam, Warnow, Sogam, Douroosa, Anderbugh, Kalaroos, Kanthpora etc.the actual line of control near to it namely Maschil sector with its water resource and water falls among desire forestation needs immediate govt attention to develop for tourism. 

The climate variations of this valley are wrath nating from geographical point of view .The west of the Distract at the line of control called Karnah along with Tegder and Teetwal are the places of geography. The river passing by called Kishan Ganga is known for its. The area beeds attention to be brought on by the government. 

Ramhal area lying between Kupwara and Karnah with its villages – Vilgam-Tarathpora-Hafrada, Lan-Krishan, Dolipora, Kralpora, Trehgam and many more with the river. Kahimil is a very good source of inspiration and tourist spots. The Battergam an adjacent area with its marble mines and its industry is a place of unique attention.

  The north of the district appears a vast area of Handware a source of apple fruits . In the district it incorporates us with an internationally famous Bangus valley at the line of control.  It is a marshy area dated naturally with attractive and fragrant herbs, shrubs and trees .Our Govt. Should invest in these noble area’s to develop the tourism in the state. 
The most beautiful city of the world namely Paris is no more natural than the Kashmir , but under huge Govt finance and development unlike or Valley. Paris is man made but mountains of kashmir are natural gifts.