Anjuman-e-Sharie Shian organizes Milad Conference at Pattan

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By Fast Kashmir on 12/12/2017.

Anjuman-e-Sharie Shian organizes Milad Conference at Pattan
Aga Hassan throws light on importance, value of Eid-e-Milad Nabi

Srinagar, Dec 12 : Anjuman-e-Sharie Shian Tuesday organized a Milad Conference at Imambara Harinara Pattan in North Kashmir.
Hundreds of people including students and people from different shades of life participated in this conference that was presided by President Anjuman Shari Shian and senior separatist leader Aga Syed Hasan Almosvi Alsafvi.
Throwing the light on the importance and value of Eid-e-Milad Nabi, Aga Syed Hassan Almosvi Alsafvi said the love for Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the basic reason for the unity among Muslims. “This Milad shows our sincere belief and love for our beloved Prophet,” he said.
He stressed upon the people to follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was honest, upright, sincere, benevolent and a person of highest degree of character. He said that when Arabs lived in Dark Age, Muhamamd (PBUH) showed them light. “He is the Prophet of humanity who taught us the means of living. If we follow His teachings success will surely hug us we will get over all the hurdles that we come across in the world,” he said.
“The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a perfect example of an honest, just, merciful, compassionate, truthful, and brave human being. Though he was a man, he was far removed from all evil characteristics and strove solely for the sake of God and His reward in the Hereafter. Moreover, in all his actions and dealings, he was ever mindful and fearful of God.”
Castigating US decision to recognize Juresalem as the capital of Isrel, Aga Syed Hasan said that Israel is not a state in the Middle East but an American armory to scare Arab world. For the protection of Israel, US is bent to destroy those thoughts who being considered threat for Israel. He expressed complete solidarity with the oppressed the world over, they strongly condemned Israeli occupation of Al-Quds Al-Shari. He alleged that India has been pursuing policies of Israel to change the Muslim demographic character of the state. US and Israel are following the same policies to curb and suppress the Muslim of the world.
On this occasion Spokesperson Jamat-e-Islami Advocate Zahid Ali said that the recent anti-Muslim decision of US president Donald Trump is thought provoking and there is need to ponder on the policies being pursued by US and Israel.
“Without unity among Muslims, problems could not resolved. Enemies of Islam were making untiring efforts to defame Islam, however, their designs would be frustrated and they could not succeed in their nefarious designs. It is the need of the hour to show unity,” Zahid Ali said. (KNS)