BLUEWHALE. AN ABYSS THREAT TO YOUNGSTERSA Local Village Girl Plays The Death Game For The Sake Of Fun.

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By Fast Kashmir on 01/12/2017.

BLUEWHALE. AN ABYSS THREAT TO YOUNGSTERSA Local Village Girl Plays The Death Game For The Sake Of Fun.

 By Mohmmad Yaseen malik 

Srinagar, Nov 30: Over a month ago a news got the attention of the entire media which was invented by a Russian group called ‘Blue Whale challenge’ or ‘suicide game’ which is apparently neither fish nor fowl but is a simple ‘Killer’. This game is usually being played online in a sequence which consists of 50 tasks, and the player has to complete usually one task per day, with photographic proof that he is compiling all the demands of the game.

Thereby in order to get into the game the player is provided some simple enough tasks in the beginning such as watching a horror movie or waking up at odd times in night, and the last task of the game to commit  suicide as the player is left with no option but to follow the dictates of the game.

However, Those who couldn’t follow the game as per the requirements in any way is being threatened by the operators of the game,to make public the personal information of player and get harm to them and their loved ones. For the administrators of the game hack the entire personal stuff of the player  in the beginning itself which puts the player at the receiving end, and eventually player ends up killing himself/herself. 

Moreover, two hundred boys as well as girls has fell pry which belongs to teenage group of population and the inference are made that the game is directly targeting the teenagers, due to the fact teenagers are more vulnerable to such things. 
Therefore, india is no exception an according to some news reports three persons have faced the same fate as the other players did, i.e, death. It Has Been revealed that 70% of the young generation has become victims of it. The saddest part of the story is that these victims play the game decievely and keep it secret and play it for the sake of fun but they are being brainwashed in this process which paves the way to self harm eventually death. 
Authorities reacted by giving general advice to parents and educators on suicide prevention and told be aware don’t give phone on hands of your children especially im_matured ones. 

Here! One of the victims of this blue whale challenge game “belongs to rural area of sultanpora tehsil pattan district baramulla. she is the 12th class student, studied in government higher secondary institute” 
Narrates, i have been suggested by my friends that the game is quite interesting and they were always talking about its different puzzled challenges which excited and motivated me to play this misterious game. when i came from school, i don’t have my own phone stealthily installed the app on my brothers phone. when i started the game, i thought it would be fun but i don’t know its not only the game, its call to death by your own hands, the game directly target the mind of young generation.

Ist day ist task was to write ‘F57’ with a razor on your arm, i was utterly alone at my home in my room. i don’t know how did i do this, after doing this, i crying all the night and thinks why i do this why i started the game, its not good for me and for my family but i have done this mistake.She added even it haunted me in the dreams, i couldn’t sleep well and obviously when we did something miscreant in the day that reminds us all over the night. It does destroy the physique of the player. 

The next day i was sorrowful and hasitant i can’t eat any thing because i was ashamed of myself. My sister told me what happened to you again and again but i didn’t say a uttered word.Then she found some scratches on my arm, she informed the family about the same matter.The reaction was full of anger with lot of advices and also the disadvantages of mobile phones were highlighted. This mistake os mine left me as “The person with no technology”. The phone has been rudely snatched from me, i had been tortured and punished due to my disastrous mistake.

After the incident my family never give me cell phone to enjoy its facilities and features she said. 
It is abyss threat to the parents also leading them into the state of tense. one can minimise the online blue whale game effect by using lesser smart phones but these cell phones with all the updated facilities are need of present era. 
Nevertheless it has become the master of concern parents also..